Hello to new Sysdig documentation.

By Dhaval Shah - SEPTEMBER 11, 2018


I am very excited to share our brand new Sysdig documentation website. Our documentation team has been working very hard for the past few months. They have rewritten the majority of our product and support content and introduced an intuitive navigation structure to help you quickly find what you need. Sysdig Docs are now organized into Platform, Monitor and Secure sections.

Sysdig Monitor documentation.

In our Monitor documentation section, you will find a quick Getting Started article and detailed guides to our Explore, Dashboard, Alerts, Events and Captures sections.

We have also added a brand new metrics dictionary that describes how to group, scope, and segment metrics, and more.

Sysdig Secure documentation.

In our Secure documentation section, you will find a Getting Started section to help you quickly get up and running with container runtime security and forensics. You will also find detailed guides for policy configuration, auditing user activity, and Image Scanning.

What’s next?

Our team will continue to update the existing documentation and add new content frequently. In the meantime, if you come across any error or have suggestions on how to improve the quality or content, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. As always, keep the feedback coming – we’re listening!

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