PromCon Online 2021 highlights

By Jesus Ángel Samitier - MAY 17, 2021


What an exciting month, with PromCon Online 2021 and KubeCon EU 2021!

These presentations were full of feature announcements, live demos, and inspiring use cases. Here are our highlights of the PromCon Online 2021!

The future of Prometheus remote write

Prometheus remote write is a really exciting feature. Although it’s in an early stage of development, it has gained a strong adoption by the community.

Its popularity and the numerous different implementations make it necessary to set some level of standardization. These are the Prometheus Remote Write features that Tom Wilkie presented:

  • Include metadata (#HELP) and exemplars (ids for traces).
  • Improve bandwidth utilization.
  • Introduce flow-control mechanisms.

Prometheus Conformance Program

Richard Hartmann announced the Prometheus Conformance Program. This is a good indicator of the large ecosystem built around Prometheus.

This program sets a test suite, introduced by Julius Volz, to assure the compatibility of the different projects that integrate with Prometheus. The results can be a good input for decision-making if you are looking for a Prometheus long-term storage solution for your metrics.

Automating Kubernetes Rollouts

Anais Urlichs and Bartlomiej Płotka presented an awesome live demo on how to use Prometheus to detect error rates in new rollouts by monitoring canary releases.

They showed how you could build an automatic rollback trigger to revert the changes and go back to a previous version.

Lightning talks

We found some of these highly focused, five-minute presentations, particularly interesting.

There were some presentations on the promtools. First, we learned how to calculate the historical values of recording rules. Then we were introduced to the alert rules validator which not only validates the syntax, but also lets you define the allowed values for fields.

Applications for data centers were present in some talks where they explored how to gather metrics from SNMP devices, and how to use Prometheus to predict power consumption. Other features present in the lightning talks were the configuration of silences in alerts, and how to perform load tests in remote write endpoints.

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