Selling the Container Transition to your Management

By Apurva Dave - SEPTEMBER 8, 2017


For those of us who drink the kool-aid of containers, we continually see data that reinforces how this platform shift can improve productivity, agility, costs, and so on.

But if you’re not starting your infrastructure from scratch, it may actually still be an internal sell to get your organization to see the benefits of containers. After all, your software is working (presumably), and introducing and entirely new set of skills and tools to your organization might be a challenge.

So how do you sell such a movement especially upwards to your management? Yes, you’ll likely need to do some testing and trial projects, and that will solve the rational data gap around what containers can do. But you’ll also need to solve a harder problem: which is making management realize they’ll be left behind if they don’t eventually make the move to the next platform that’s right for your organization.

How do you solve that issue? Simple: you don’t.

Instead, let your management’s peers from other organizations speak to how they’ve used containers and microservices within their organizations. Let them speak manager-to-manager about the pros – and the cons – of making the transition.

The video below is a perfect example. It was created by Mark Chillingworth, a CIO journalist, working with a couple of CIOs to explore the benefits of containers, especially as they apply to large digital transformation projects. It comes with a high-level perspective, which is exactly what you might need to convince your own management team. Who knows, after they watch this, the move to containers might even become their own idea!

Click here or on the video above to register and watch this session. Better yet, pass it along to your managers and have them check it out.

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