Sysdig Goes to Spain: DockerCon Europe

By Knox Anderson - NOVEMBER 19, 2015


DockerCon Europe has just ended – and what a great week in Barcelona! This was our first time attending DockerCon as a company, and, as expected, the show proved to be a wonderful event, full of smart people who are passionate about the potential of Docker and containers. I would like to thank everybody who came by the booth to talk about container-native monitoring and visibility with us. From those at the cutting edge, using Docker at scale in production, to those just getting started exploring the many benefits (and some challenges :) ) of containers and microservices, to all the other Docker partners developing fascinating technologies for the ecosystem – it seems like everyone is interested in figuring out how exactly visibility and monitoring should be approached in a modern, containerized environment. Needless to say, we had some great conversations!

Here are some pics we snapped of the Sysdig team and the crowds at the Sysdig booth:

Our mission here at Sysdig is to enable production container and microservice usage and all the benefits this can bring, by reducing the inherent challenges around visibility that come with any new platform technology. It was a real pleasure getting to discuss this, and all things containers, with so many of you this week. We’d love to keep the conversations going and keep hearing your feedback! So please don’t hesitate to sign up for your free Sysdig Cloud trial – conference attendees will get an automatic 10% off – and let us know what you think. Ciao!

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