Sysdig Monitor is the new Sysdig Cloud

By Apurva Dave - MARCH 20, 2017


I’m excited to let you know that Sysdig Cloud has officially been renamed to Sysdig Monitor!

Naming products (or companies or features for that matter) is a funny thing. You try really hard to convey so much in a word or two. As you can imagine it’s hard to get right and really easy to get wrong. In this case it wasn’t so much about wrong or right, but how our product has changed.

Monitoring Containers – In the Cloud + On-Prem

The reason we changed the name to Sysdig Monitor was simple – the ways in which you can use our product have expanded. When the company started, the Cloud was your only option to use our technology. But over the past year, we introduced the On-Prem software version of our product. All of a sudden “Cloud” as a part of the product name didn’t make sense!

Hence, Sysdig Monitor was born. “Monitor” is an effective expression of what our product actually does. (It’s not perfect, as it doesn’t describe our deep troubleshooting capabilities, system captures, alerting… but you can’t have it all in one name.) There are of course two deployment options – as a cloud service or as on-premise software.

One more reason…

There’s one more reason this was the right time to rename Sysdig Monitor – making room for our next product. I won’t give anything away here other than to stay tuned, we’re actively working on some new great ideas! This simple name change makes space in the Sysdig family for the next ‘big thing’ that could be delivered both as a cloud and an on-premise product.

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