Announcing the Publication of “Running Containers in Production for Dummies”

By Mateo Burillo - OCTOBER 5, 2018


We’re excited to announce the first-edition publication of a new title designed to help you get going with your container project:

Sysdig containers for dummies

The Dummies series has been around for quite a while, and is generally regarded as a great source of getting started material. In a sign of how widely enterprises plan to adopt containers, the publishers agreed to work with Sysdig to publish this first of its kind resource.

We’re proud to say that Sysdig team members Jorge Salamero Sanz, Eric Carter, and Knox Anderson are the co-authors of this essential asset. Click on their names to see more of their posts on this blog.

This 44-Page book will provide you all the high level detail you need to understand your future pathway through the container adoption experience. You’ll cover orchestrators, CI/CD/CS, securing your containers, monitoring your containers, and other aspects of operations.

To cut to the chase, you can download the entire book, free of charge, here: Running Containers in Production for Dummies

In case you’re really nervous about downloading a totally free asset, I’ve included the overview section below. Enjoy!

We’ll also be hosting a live webinar and Q&A with the authors on October 16th at 10am PST. Click here to sign up for the event!

Running Containers in Production for Dummies, Sysdig Special Edition, explores the benefits of containers and the challenges of deploying containerized applications in production. It provides an overview of the container ecosystem as well as the development processes and architectures that complement it. This book covers:

  • Building and managing container environments: Learn about running applications in containers and comparing orchestrators to more easily maintain these environments.

  • Creating a CI/CD/CS pipeline: Set up a deployment pipeline for continuous integration,deployment, and security.

  • Monitoring containers: Learn how you can overcome container visibility and monitoring challenges.

  • Securing containers: Explore the critical steps you need to take to address common security threats related to containers. Learn how to take a security mindset to make sure your container environment remains your container environment!

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