Two months working at Sysdig

By Pablo Molina Martinez - OCTOBER 14, 2021


A diverse group of people around the Sysdig logo

After a little more than two months working at Sysdig, I would like to share what led me to choose this company for my new adventure and how the experience is going.

A diverse group of people around the Sysdig logo

At a personal level

Better conditions: Let’s be honest, most of us work for financial reasons and while it is true that I have a better salary now, that is not all!

Work from home: I have the possibility to work from home whenever I want, which means spending a lot more time with my family. I’ve already missed too many important moments stuck in an office and I don’t want that to happen again.

Taking the initiative: When I said goodbye to one of my best friends at my previous job, he told me that I made a consistent decision. When there are things that I do not like, I prefer to talk about them openly and propose alternatives in a constructive way. If, after a while, those things do not change, then I am the one who has to make the move.

Relearning: My mother always told me that I should become a teacher. I always told her that I don’t see myself doing the same thing for the rest of my life. After five years, my previous job was becoming routine and I was hardly learning new things. It was time to change, to go back to studying, and to get out of my comfort zone.

On a professional level

“Sysdig? It doesn’t ring a bell”

That is the usual response when I tell people what my new company is. After all, Sysdig users are a rather technical audience. Everyone knew my previous company, for good and for bad, and that does not happen at Sysdig.

Here, we nearly get to start from scratch, and that is a great challenge that I really want to be a part of.

COSS: I firmly believe that the business model called Commercial Open Source Software is the right one for the times. In addition, I am sure that more and more IPOs will launch from technology companies that adopt this model. Red Hat and MongoDB are examples, and they are not the only ones.

Future technology: Virtualization, cloud, and containers are the past, present, and future in the infrastructure management on which to run our applications, with the premise of increasing flexibility and efficiency. Although each company adopts them at its own pace, for me, the path is quite clear and I have decided to bet on the future.

Security: It’s increasingly necessary and difficult to implement.

The use of technologies such as the cloud and containers change the game and leave us “blind.” Traditional tools no longer provide the necessary visibility or control, and have become obsolete.

The shortage of truly trained professionals in the field makes the cost of having them on the staff skyrocket, and it is increasingly difficult to retain them. Given the circumstances, the use of automation is the only choice.

Solution: It is time to replace the good old tools with others that are “cloud native.” These tools allow us to automate security tasks and involve other teams, such as developers. You have to start getting familiar with new words, like Secure DevOps and expressions like “shift left.”

Scalable Startup: According to LinkedIn, we are a unicorn, with 437 employees and still hiring at a blazing speed. We are still a start-up, which gives you the opportunity to do a thousand different things. But the decisions that are being carried out pursue one thing, scalability. Scalability so that our software works for millions of containers and so that our team is able to grow at the pace that our clients demand.

Management: Having a CTO like Loris, (co-creator of Wireshark) with a huge knowledge of technology and the Open Source ecosystem, and a CEO like Suresh, with overwhelming leadership and vision, is a guarantee of success for the company in my opinion. But if you can see them in action and interact with them practically every week, it is like going to MIT and getting paid for it.

The team: We have a tremendous desire to build something great together. It’s contagious desires that get the best out of every single one of us.

The values: How is it possible that such simple values can be so meaningful? Love our customers; Trust in the team; Dig deeper.

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