Building security into your DevOps workflow? Learn more from us and other cloud-native experts at these upcoming events.


July 16 2020 10am Pacific | 7pm CEST

Automating Container Visibility & Security to Accelerate Application Delivery

Ever build a car while driving it? Many cloud teams are feeling this way as they strive to migrate applications to the cloud. Ford Motor Company met the challenge head on by building a culture of collaboration that helped speed innovation, gain cost efficiency and mitigate risk. Join us to hear how Ford gave their developers container visibility and security with Sysdig, thereby, accelerating application delivery.

July 23 2020 10am Pacific | 7pm CEST

Getting Started with Runtime Security for Containers & Kubernetes

As cloud native technologies mature, security is becoming an important concern for DevOps. In this talk, we’ll share an overview of runtime security, discuss different approaches used by tools today and hear directly from Stella Connect how they got started quickly without impacting developer productivity.

July 29 2020 10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern

Image Scanning Best Practices for Containers and Kubernetes

DevOps teams are looking to manage security risk without slowing down application delivery. Image scanning is critical to integrate into DevOps, but how can you get started? Join Sysdig’s security team as they share practical guidance and demonstrate five (5) key steps to adopt in your image scanning workflow. You’ll walk away with a short, impactful checklist and be on your way to a more secure environment.

July 30 2020 12pm BST | 1pm CEST

Secure DevOps Virtual Meetup Europe July

Join us for this month’s European Secure DevOps Virtual Meetup hosted by Chris Kranz from Sysdig. Grab your lunch, dial in, and let’s recap the interesting happenings in containers.

August 6 2020 10am Pacific | 7pm CEST

Deploy Faster by Automating Container Security, Monitoring and Compliance

You want to quickly move container apps into production without sacrificing visibility and security. The need to embed security, monitoring and compliance into DevOps workflows is clear, as it helps teams ship cloud apps faster. How can you get started without slowing down your developers? Join us to understand the five core workflows that you need to confidently ramp cloud-native workloads in production.