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Falco Workshop Tour 2023

It’s 10pm, do you know what your containers are doing? Securing cloud native applications poses unique challenges, and the most robust defense includes dependable runtime security.

In this hands-on workshop we’ll get you up to speed on the role of runtime security, how it applies to Kubernetes, and how to use Falco to protect your applications.

Falco is an open source project for runtime threat detection across Kubernetes, containers, hosts, and the cloud. Directly observing workloads, it’s like a security camera for your applications, detecting and reporting unexpected behavior.

At Sysdig, we’re the original creator and one of the main contributors to The Falco Project, and we’re excited to share its capabilities with you. We also want to make it fun, so there will be time to relax and talk tech with us!

You’ll walk away with:

  • a greater knowledge of the challenges that make cloud native security different
  • experience installing and configuring Falco
  • an understanding of how Falco helps you identify and respond to specific threats
  • a copy of the official book on Falco
  • and new friends in the cloud native world!

Find your city below or consider our virtual tour dates!

Falco is a CNCF incubated project.

CNCF Incubating Project