GSI Partners

GSIs deliver customized solutions and services using Sysdig for customers’ security and observability needs with containers, Kubernetes and cloud.

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GSI Partners

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Joint value proposition with Partners

Sysdig and its GSI partners create tightly coupled solutions and provide services and support, allowing customers to focus on business transformation and innovation.

Reduced time
to market

Deploy, monitor, and troubleshoot cloud-native applications quickly and securely.

Quicker onboarding for customers

Leverage Sysdig’s security know-how, and training with GSI partner’s support and services.

Focus on business outcomes

Increase productivity and innovation by focusing on business value, not worrying about security.

Why Partner with Sysdig?

Sysdig’s GSI partners are provided with the tools and training they need to help customers to succeed with cloud and container security.

Improve cloud-native security for customers

Help customers with a unified security and monitoring solution from Sysdig.

Resell with services

Resell Sysdig as part of a larger solution architecture and with implementation services.

Drive value creation

Jointly pursue customers with Sysdig and drive value creation as a trusted advisor.

Interested in becoming a Sysdig GSI partner?