Sysdig’s Integrations for GitLab

About Gitlab

GitLab CI/CD is an open source continuous integration and delivery server integrated with the GitLab software development and collaboration platform.

Scanning images in GitLab CI/CD pipelines using Sysdig Secure

Scan container images in your GitLab CI/CD pipelines to detect and block vulnerabilities before they reach production.

Gitlab CI/CD and Sysdig Secure

Using Sysdig Secure image scanning you can scan your container images within your GitLab CI/CD pipeline without sending them out of your infrastructure to a public or staging registry, validating configuration and preventing vulnerabilities from reaching your production environment.

Fail fast, inform the container author right away to address it quickly and create a secure-by-default container security policy.

Sysdig Secure for Scanning IaC with GitLab

Sysdig Secure supports Git integrations as part of its Infrastructure as Code (IaC) security feature. With these integrations, you can scan incoming Pull Requests (PRs) for security violations based on predefined policies. The results of the scanning evaluation are presented in the PR itself. If passed, the user can merge; if failed the user cannot merge. Information provided in the PR also targets the problem area to assist the user in remediation.

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