About HashiCorp

As a leader in multi-cloud infrastructure automation software, HashiCorp helps organizations operate in the cloud. The HashiCorp software suite – including Terraform, Consul, Vault, Nomad, Vagrant, Packer, and more – enables organizations to adopt consistent workflows and a standardized approach to automating the critical process involved in delivering applications in the cloud: infrastructure provisioning, security, networking, and application deployment.


IaC Security with Terraform

Scan Terraform infrastructure-as-code templates to identify and mitigate potential security risks, misconfigurations, and sensitive information to ensure the security and compliance of your cloud environment. Auto-remediate IaC misconfigurations and drift from source to production.

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Consul Observability

Consul is a service mesh solution providing a full featured control plane with service discovery, configuration, and segmentation functionality. With Sysdig you can monitor the health and performance of Consul using the Consul Prometheus endpoint.

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Nomad Workload Security

Nomad is a simple scheduler and orchestrator for managing containers and non-containerized applications across on-prem and clouds at scale. With Sysdig, you can scan hosts and containers, and detect threats across your Nomad-managed environment with runtime security based on Falco.

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