IBM Kubernetes Service

About IBM Kubernetes Service

IBM Cloud® Kubernetes Service (IKS) provides a fully managed container service for Docker (OCI) containers, so clients can deploy containerized apps onto a pool of compute hosts and subsequently manage those containers. Containers are automatically scheduled and placed onto available compute hosts based on your requirements and availability in the cluster.

Sysdig Secure and IBM Kubernetes Integration

Sysdig Secure lets you automate Kubernetes compliance and governance using policy as code based on OPA for IBM Cloud Kubernetes service. Detect runtime threats, and implement Kubernetes-native network security. Conduct incident response with a detailed activity record.

Sysdig Monitor and IBM Kubernetes Integration

Sysdig Monitor helps you inspect every aspect of your Kubernetes Clusters to see what is really happening and avoid potential problems. If anything goes wrong, get a prioritized list of issues you need to take care of now with curated remediation steps and live logs to help troubleshoot each issue fast. Detailed dashboards and alerts are ready to go right out-of-the-box, so you can start optimizing your environment instantly. Monitor and troubleshoot containers on IKS to maximize performance and availability.

Check out our documentation to learn more and get started with Sysdig and IKS.