Microsoft Azure Container Registry

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What is Azure Container Registry?

Azure Container Registry (ACR) enables quick, scalable retrieval of container workloads. ACR works with private Docker container images as well as with Helm charts, Open Container Initiative(OCI) artifacts, and images. Connect across environments, including AKS, or across Azure services like App Service, Machine Learning, and Batch.

Sysdig Secure for ACR

Sysdig has validated its security, monitoring, and compliance capabilities with Azure services to help DevOps teams accelerate cloud‐native application delivery.

It is easy to integrate Sysdig Secure with ACR to scan images for Kubernetes for security and compliance purposes. Sysdig has offered unified visibility and security for container and Kubernetes deployments on Azure for years.

ACR scanning with Sysdig

Enabled with native CI/CD and registry integrations, Sysdig helps shift security visibility earlier in the build pipeline. Scanning images in Azure Container Registry is the same as scanning from any other Docker v2 compatible registry. Once configured, the entire registry or individual images and tags can be analyzed and then evaluated against a Sysdig Secure Scanning policy.

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Scanning images in Azure Container Registry