Sysdig integration with ServiceNow Container Vulnerability Response

The ServiceNow Container Vulnerability Response (CVR) application groups container vulnerabilities to enable teams to triage and remediate issues faster. With this integration, ServiceNow users can utilize Runtime Insights from Sysdig Secure to prioritize vulnerable packages that are actively running, reducing vulnerability noise up to 95%. Developers are able to focus and address the issues that pose the greatest risk.

Key benefits of the integration:

  • Vulnerability prioritization: Prioritize vulnerability remediation within the ServiceNow platform based on “in-use” security context sent from Sysdig, and combine it with other important vulnerability parameters like exploitability, criticality, and CVE report date.
  • Faster assignment and triage: Ingest Sysdig detected container vulnerabilities into the ServiceNow Container Vulnerability data model as Container vulnerability items (CVIs) and automate tasks like assignment, contextualization, and triage.
  • Quicker and more accurate incident response: Leverage vulnerability details for asset management, security workflow orchestration, automation, visualization, and response – ultimately reducing your total time to resolve.

Sysdig Secure and Sysdig Monitor alert integration with ServiceNow

Connect Sysdig Secure and Sysdig Monitor to ServiceNow to centralize security and monitoring alerts into the NOW platform. DevOps teams, Site Reliability Engineers (SRE), and security teams can use ServiceNow to effectively respond to alerts and incidents from Sysdig for cloud and container environments.

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Check out our documentation to learn more and get started: Configuring alertsCVR integration