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How to detect the containers’ escape capabilities with Falco


Attackers use container escape techniques when they manage to control a container so the impact they can cause is much...

Lambda Threat – Best Practices for Lambda Security


Our security research team will explain a real attack scenario from the black box and white box perspective on how...

What is the MITRE ATT&CK Framework for Cloud? | 10 TTPs You should know of


MITRE ATT&CK framework for cloud will help you identify the possible threats related to a cloud environment and begin securing...

OWASP Kubernetes Top 10


One of the biggest concerns when using Kubernetes is whether we are complying with the security posture and taking into...

Comparing GuardDuty & Falco on EKS


Read about the differences between Amazon GuardDuty and Falco for Amazon EKS to better understand what each tool does, the threats detected, and the metadata available for forensic analysis.

Kubernetes security context, security policy, and network policy – Kubernetes security guide (part 2).


Once you have defined Kubernetes RBAC: users and services credentials and permissions, we can start leveraging Kubernetes orchestration capabilities to...

Pod Security Policies in production with Sysdig’s Kubernetes Policy Advisor


Sysdig Secure 3.0 introduces Kubernetes Policy Advisor to provide Kubernetes native prevention using Pod Security Policies (PSPs). This feature automates...

Cloud Defense in Depth: Lessons from the Kinsing Malware


In the face of persistent data breaches and escalating cyber threats, organizations are compelled to prioritize cloud defense in depth....

GitOps Security with k8s-security-configwatch


the k8s-security-configwatch GitHub Action, an open source tool from Sysdig, secures your GitOps workloads by detecting changes on your Kubernetes...

Cloud lateral movement: Breaking in through a vulnerable container


Lateral movement is a growing concern with cloud security. That is, once a piece of your cloud infrastructure is compromised,...

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