Microsoft + Sysdig.

Unified Security, Compliance, & Monitoring for Containers and Microservices on Microsoft Azure.

Key Features

Embed Security

Detect image vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your Azure Container Registry (ACR) and Azure Pipelines. Block runtime threats on AKS without impacting performance and conduct forensics even if containers are gone.

Maximize Availability

Prevent issues by monitoring the performance and capacity of your AKS clusters, nodes, and services. Scale Prometheus to millions of metrics with a single backend. Accelerate troubleshooting with a single source of truth.

Validate Compliance

Verify that your container and infrastructure configurations meet CIS best practices. Ensure compliance with regulatory standards like NIST & PCI. Accelerate audits by capturing and correlating activity across your AKS clusters.

How it works.

Azure Kubernetes Service Integration.

Sysdig provides unified visibility and security for your applications on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Our service-level performance and security monitoring give you deep Kubernetes, infrastructure, and kernel-level insights so you can deliver reliable, secure containers. With Sysdig you can see more and solve faster.

Customer spotlight.

Global furniture manufacturer, Steelcase, develops and operates innovative software in containers that run as microservices on Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). With Sysdig, Steelcase gains deep visibility that help the firm keep pace with its business goals.

sysdig steelcase

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