Secure DevOps for Azure

Confidently secure containers, Kubernetes, and Azure cloud services


Security and Visibility for Microsoft Azure

The Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform provides security built on an open source foundation and deep visibility to run apps confidently on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Scale simply with SaaS and DevOps integrations that help you keep pace with the dynamic nature of Kubernetes and cloud.

Secure the
build pipeline

Scan container images and host instances for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Integrate scanning directly within CI/CD pipelines and Azure Container Registry.

Detect and respond to runtime threats

Accurately detect threats to your Azure infrastructure with Falco, the open-source standard for runtime security.

Continuously validate compliance

Streamline compliance controls for NIST, PCI-DSS, etc. and enable File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) for containers.

Maximize performance and availability

Scale Prometheus monitoring for Azure services and see performance metrics enriched with Kubernetes and cloud context.

Secure DevOps Use Cases for Microsoft Azure

Host and image scanning

Consolidate container and host scanning in a single workflow. Integrate with registries (e.g., ACR) and CI/CD pipelines, including GitHub Actions and Azure Pipelines. Scan for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in AKS workloads without images leaving your cloud. Flag new CVEs in running containers and map to service owners.

Runtime security

Secure applications and infrastructure at runtime without impacting performance, leveraging Falco, the open-source cloud native runtime security project. Implement real-time threat detection for Azure containers. Save time with out-of-the-box rules to spot anomalous behavior.

Network security

Implement a Zero Trust approach to container security by allowing only required communication. Visualize network traffic between pods, services, and applications inside Microsoft Azure. Identify anomalous network activity quickly by auditing connections to or from any process.

Kubernetes & container monitoring

Maximize the performance and availability of your containers on AKS. Get deep visibility into clusters, deployments, namespaces, pods, and workloads. Monitor Kubernetes orchestration state and operational status. Reduce cost by optimizing cloud capacity and resource usage.

Managed enterprise Prometheus monitoring

Scale with a managed, enterprise-grade Prometheus monitoring service that radically simplifies deployment and maintenance with long-term retention. Extend monitoring to hundreds of applications and services using Prometheus exporters and custom metrics.

Continuous compliance

Continuously validate compliance with industry standards, like PCI and NIST, for AKS and containers during build and runtime. Automatically run benchmarks and measure progress against CIS best practices. Audit Kubernetes, container, and cloud activity. Enable File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) to detect data tampering.

Incident response & forensics

Understand and contain the impact of any security breach. Correlate system, user, and container activity over time with a forensics workflow. Conduct post-mortem analysis and determine root cause even after containers are gone. Accelerate incident response and recover quickly.


Reduce mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) by examining granular, system-level capture data, and detailed topology maps to resolve hard-to-diagnose issues. Get kernel-level observability to troubleshoot host, network, application, container, and process issues. Correlate Kubernetes, container, and Azure cloud events to see the entire picture.

Azure Integrations

Sysdig has validated its security, monitoring, and compliance capabilities with Azure services
to help DevOps teams accelerate cloud‐native application delivery.

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