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Our founder story.

The Sysdig founder, Loris Degioanni, was one of the co-creators of WireShark, a visibility tool used daily by millions to monitor and troubleshoot their networking infrastructure. With the widespread adoption of the cloud and the advent of containers, Loris saw that containers and microservices in the cloud would require a radically new approach to monitoring, security, and forensics. The old ways of doing things just wouldn’t work and Sysdig was born.

Our vision is to provide the monitoring, security and forensics solutions and tools needed so that enterprises can more easily move to containers and microservices at scale and develop applications faster and more effectively. Sysdig first launched its open source security and troubleshooting tools in 2013, which millions rely on today. Sysdig has since launched its commercial monitoring and security products – Sysdig Monitor, Sysdig Secure, and the Sysdig Platform. Although Sysdig has added new products, our mission, rooted in our unique technological insight, has been the same since day one.

Product screenshots.

Sysdig Monitor Thumb

Sysdig Monitor

Combine deep container metrics and rich Kubernetes + Docker monitoring for better application visibility, alerting, and troubleshooting.

Sysdig Secure Thumb

Sysdig Secure

Combine image scanning and run-time protection to identify vulnerabilities, block threats, enforce compliance, and audit activity across your microservices.

Sysdig Inspect Thumb

Sysdig Inspect

Open source system capturing and analysis. Includes container forensics, postmortem analysis, and error troubleshooting

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Sysdig logo

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Sysdig trademark

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Falco identity

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