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Kubernetes security and compliance for secure cloud native workloads

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Ramp Kubernetes faster
by converging security into DevOps

As you move Kubernetes applications from proof-of-concept into production, you need to be certain that they are secure, compliant, and resilient. Sysdig Secure embeds Kubernetes security and compliance into the build, run, and respond stages of the life cycle. Now you can identify vulnerabilities, check compliance, block threats and respond faster.

Sysdig Secure is part of the Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform, which lets you confidently run cloud-native workloads in production. The platform blends Kubernetes security and compliance for cloud-native with context-based monitoring and troubleshooting.

A new approach to Kubernetes security
for cloud-native DevOps

As cloud teams ramp containers in production, they quickly discover that legacy tools don’t work for Kubernetes security.

Sysdig Secure is purpose-built for securing cloud-native environments. It is the industry’s first Kubernetes-native threat prevention and incident response tool. You can scan for vulnerabilities pre-deployment and flag newly identified vulnerabilities impacting production containers.

Deploy securely

Deploy securely

Use a single workflow for detecting vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in containers. Save time by flagging vulnerabilities and identifying the owner. Verify configuration meets CIS benchmarks and application compliance with NIST and PCI.

Block threats at runtime

Block threats at runtime

Prevent threats without impacting performance using Kubernetes-native controls. Strengthen Kubernetes security using automated policies. Extend Falco to save time in creating and maintaining runtime policies.

Respond quickly

Respond quickly

Automatically remediate by triggering response actions and notifications. Conduct forensics after the container is gone. Enable audit by correlating Kubernetes activity.

Cloud-native Kubernetes security: Identify vulnerabilities, implement compliance, block threats, respond faster

Vulnerability reporting and queries
Sysdig Monitor

Vulnerability management

Kubernetes Security: Scan and report on vulnerabilities

With Sysdig Secure you can scan container images in the CI/CD pipeline and block vulnerabilities before they reach production, whether they are OS packages or third-party libraries developers might be pulling in. You can create different policies for each workflow, apply different checks for each application and validate the build configuration and image attributes. And you can identify vulnerabilities in running images across different namespaces, clusters, cloud regions and more, and alert the right team for each issue, enhancing Kubernetes security.

Full Stack data analysis


Kubernetes Security: Validate compliance across the lifecycle

Sysdig Secure allows you to validate compliance across the lifecycle of containers, Kubernetes and cloud-native workloads. It identifies violations of external regulatory compliance like CIS benchmarks, NIST SP 800-190, PCI-DSS, GDPR or HIPAA. You can leverage out-of-the-box policies to implement compliance during build and runtime. Sysdig Secure captures and records all data surrounding any policy violation to enable forensics and a complete audit. Sysdig Secure also provides an audit logging process, a common requirement for compliance audits.

Runtime policy editor
Full Stack data analysis

Runtime security

Kubernetes Security: Detect anomalous behavior & block security threats

Sysdig Secure allows you to detect and block attacks, combining deep visibility into system calls with Kubernetes metadata, labels and audit events—so you can understand what’s happening at any layer of your infrastructure and enhance Kubernetes security.

Creating and maintaining your security policy is easy with Sysdig Secure: it automatically builds runtime profiles, provides an out-of-the-box collection of rules and allows you to customize and create custom Falco policies that fit your needs. Sysdig Kubernetes Policy Advisor creates Pod Security Policies to prevent threats and validates policies prior to deployment so they don’t break applications. And it uses Kubernetes-native controls to ensure performance is not impacted.

Sysdig Monitor

Forensics and Audit

Kubernetes Security: Conduct Incident response and forensics for containers and Kubernetes

With Sysdig Secure you can record a snapshot of pre- and post-attack activity through system calls. Our incident response and post-mortem analysis capabilities allow you inspect data even if the containers are long gone. You can easily recreate every step in a malicious attack, from intrusion to lateral movement and data exfiltration, so you can recover quickly and understand what happened.

With Activity Audit, Sysdig Secure captures container activity, including commands, network connections, and Kubernetes API events, then correlates the information with Kubernetes user activity and context. Your team can search and filter this data for alert triage to determine the cause of the anomaly, and for incident response. Activity Audit also helps you streamline compliance for SOC2, PCI, NIST, and other audits.

This capability makes Sysdig Secure the only Kubernetes incident response and audit solution available today.

With Sysdig's container intelligence platform Quby gained complete visibility into the performance, health, and security of their new infrastructure and container applications.

Nicholas Krame, Infrastructure. Quby

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