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Manage cloud security risk

With daily updates in a cloud-native environment, it is easy for new vulnerabilities to be introduced and applications to fall out of compliance. It can take days or weeks to detect and respond to container specific attacks, leaving your company open to data breaches, reputational damage and compliance fines. Ultimately these issues can distract DevOps teams and slow down releases. Kubernetes security requires a new approach.

Built for Kubernetes and container security

To make your teams as productive as possible, you need to automate and merge security and compliance into the DevOps workflow. Your tool of choice should address security requirements across all stages of the Kubernetes lifecycle and integrate into the DevOps ecosystem.
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Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform - Build, Run, Respond
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Legacy tools don’t work?

Deploy Securely

Use a single workflow for detecting vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in containers. Verify configuration meets CIS benchmarks and application compliance with NIST and PCI.

Technical Brief

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Can’t detect malicious activity?

Block Threats
at Runtime

Prevent threats without impacting performance using Kubernetes-native controls. Strengthen Kubernetes security using automated policies.

Kubernetes Security Guide

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Losing time and money after a breach?

Respond Quickly

Automatically remediate by triggering response actions and notifications. Conduct forensics after the container is gone. Enable audit by correlating Kubernetes activity.

Activity Audit Blog

Sysdig Secure

Sysdig Secure embeds Kubernetes security and compliance into the build, run, and respond stages of the application lifecycle. Now you can identify vulnerabilities, check compliance, block threats and respond faster. Powered by the open-source cloud native runtime security project called Falco. Read more about how Sysdig Secure extends Falco.

Image Scanning


Scan container images in the CI/CD pipeline and block vulnerabilities before they reach production.



Validate compliance across the lifecycle of containers, Kubernetes and cloud-native workloads. Identify violations...

Runtime Security


Detect and block attacks, combining deep visibility into system calls with Kubernetes metadata, labels and audit events.

Forensics and Audit

and Audit

Record a snapshot of pre- and post-attack activity through system calls. Incident response & post-mortem analysis...

Leading Companies Rely on Sysdig to Protect Their Business

How ATPCO implemented Red Hat OpenShift with Sysdig security and visibility platform.

Goldman Sachs discusses monitoring, troubleshooting, and securing containers in production.

With Sysdig's container intelligence platform Quby gained complete visibility into the performance, health, and security of their new infrastructure and container applications.

Nicholas Krame, Infrastructure. Quby

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