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Sysdig Professional Services Suite

Providing customers with deep product expertise and best practice guidance.

Agent Deploy

Create and deploy the Sysdig Agent, via an Ansible Playbook to existing Kubernetes, OpenShift, or SaaS orchestrated environments.

Runtime Scanning

Enable and configure the ability to evaluate running images within an existing environment.

Admissions Controller

Implement the Sysdig Admissions Controller in the customer’s Kubernetes/OpenShift environment.

On-Premise Health Check

Determine the overall health of your Sysdig Platform.

Upgrade / Expansion

Expand and/or upgrade your self-hosted Sysdig on-premise backend to the latest generally available (GA) version of Sysdig software.

CI/CD Pipeline

Integrate Sysdig’s in-line image scanning capabilities within your CI/CD pipeline.

On-Premise to SaaS Migration

Migrate your Sysdig on-premise backend to the Sysdig SaaS Platform.

Registry Scanning

Implement and configure registry scanning on an existing registry in the customer’s environment.

Customized Professional Services

The Sysdig Professional Services team can tailor our professional services to meet your specific Kubernetes, container and cloud needs and offers a wide range of services.

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Container based workloads

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