Kubernetes Monitoring Guide

Best practices, guidance and steps for implementing Kubernetes monitoring.

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Sysdig - Kubernetes Monitoring Guide

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Kubernetes has taken the container ecosystem by storm, in part because it dramatically simplifies the deployment of your applications. It also adds new complexity for day-to-day tasks of managing application performance and gaining visibility into your services and infrastructure. This ebook covers the fundamentals of what you need to know to deal with the new challenges and opportunities of Kubernetes.

In addition to increased infrastructure complexity, applications are now being designed for microservices. The number of components communicating with each other in microservices has grown exponentially. Each service can be distributed across multiple instances and containers move across your infrastructure as needed. We used to know how many instances we had of each service component and where they were located, but that’s no longer the case. How does this affect Kubernetes monitoring methodology and tooling?

This guide provides information and best practices to help you navigate the complexity of Kubernetes monitoring. You will learn:

  • The basics of Kubernetes monitoring
  • How to use Golden Signals
  • How to monitor Kubernetes infrastructure
  • How to monitor Kubernetes workloads