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Security and Monitoring on Azure Container Services

This guide highlights key considerations for security and monitoring on Azure container services. It includes details about available Azure security protections as well as how Sysdig augments and adds specific capabilities that will help you ship applications faster and reduce risk by embedding security, compliance, and monitoring into your DevOps workflow.

On-Demand Webinar

Getting Started with Runtime Security on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

As containers and Kubernetes are adopted in production, security is a critical concern and DevOps teams need to go beyond image scanning. Use cases such as runtime security, network visibility and segmentation, incident response and compliance become priorities as your Kubernetes security framework matures. In this talk, we’ll share an overview of runtime security, discuss approaches used by open source and commercial tools. and hear how users are getting started quickly without impacting developer productivity.


2021 Container Security and Usage Report

For the past four years, we’ve provided insights into container usage through real-time, real-world customer data. In this report, you will find further detail about security, compliance, services, alerting, and Kubernetes usage patterns. This information can be useful for determining the real-world state of security and usage for container environments at companies around the world, from a broad range of industries.


2021 Container Security and Usage Snapshot

In 2020, we saw an acceleration of cloud adoption that led to an increase in container usage. This increase, combined with the fact that half of containers live less than five minutes, reinforces the need to manage container-specific security risks. Our goal is to shed light on the current state of container infrastructure, applications, security, and compliance practices.

Case Study

Worldpay Gains Competitive Edge

Learn how Worldpay by FIS was able to reduce operational overhead by 50%, gain efficiency for troubleshooting and forensics, reduce risk, and ensure compliance.