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Detect CVE-2020-8555 using Falco

This CVE is a Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF) vulnerability in kube-controller-manager that allows certain authorized users to leak up…

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Secure DevOps Virtual Meetup Europe May

Join us for our European Secure DevOps Virtual Meetup hosted by Chris Kranz from Sysdig. Grab yourself some lunch, dial in and settle in for an hour long recap of everything that’s interesting in the container space.

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AWS, Sysdig & LogDNA: Best Practices to Secure Containers and Accelerate Software Delivery

With Kubernetes, you can seamlessly move containerized applications from development to production but it can be difficult to gain security and performance visibility for the service. Hear LogDNA share why it chose the Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform to monitor and secure its containers on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Like many companies, LogDNA, an enterprise-grade log management system, needed a lens into its Kubernetes environment to identify slowdowns and fix security issues early in the development lifecycle. LogDNA now remediates security issues earlier, reduces mean time to resolution (MTTR) by 50% or more, and accelerates delivery of its software services.

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AWS Observability 101: Kubernetes and Prometheus Monitoring with Sysdig

Challenges abound when it comes to securing and monitoring containers, Kubernetes, and cloud-native applications across development and production. Most notably, scaling Prometheus monitoring beyond a few servers with a few days retention presents issues when trying to troubleshoot issues that span multiple applications or microservices. We’ll share a unique approach that builds upon Prometheus without sacrificing compatibility and discover the insights performance metrics can provide.


Rancher partner brief

Sysdig partners with Rancher to help enterprises confidently run cloud-native workloads on Kubernetes in production across private, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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AWS Security 101: Securing Amazon EKS with Falco & Sysdig

Amazon’s Managed Kubernetes Service (EKS) offers organizations flexibility as teams ramp up containerized applications in production. And yet, managing security risk for the workloads running on EKS is still the customer’s responsibility. To make your teams as productive as possible, you need to automate and merge security and compliance into the DevOps workflow.


30-60-90 Day Checklist for DevOps Engineer

This checklist will provide a well-defined framework to successfully onboard and make a new DevOps/DevSecOps engineer productive within the first 90 days.