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Consistent Container Vulnerability Scanning with Red Hat & Sysdig

As modern app development moves at a fast pace and container/Kubernetes adoption has grown, security is topping the list of IT concerns. Image vulnerability scanning is a critical first line of defense for security with containers and Kubernetes. What’s challenging is being able to automate security scanning for images AND achieve consistent scan results to assess risk.


ECS Fargate threat modeling

AWS Fargate is a technology that you can use with Amazon ECS to run containers without having to manage servers…

On-Demand Webinar

Accelerate your FedRAMP journey for container security with Anitian & Sysdig

Cloud applications are transforming how government organizations fulfill their missions and serve the public. As new technologies, such as cloud, containers and serverless, are being adopted, it’s critical to consider security and compliance requirements, like FedRAMP. However, the time and cost required to meet FedRAMP can be an inhibitor to market entry, especially in complex technological environments. Hear how Anitian, a leader in DevSecOps for government, and Sysdig, a leader in securing cloud-native apps in production, are helping businesses win contracts and enter new Federal markets. Together, they can reduce the time and cost required to meet FedRAMP requirements and dramatically accelerate time-to-revenue and FedRAMP compliance by up to 80%.


PromQL Cheatsheet

Prometheus is a monitoring and alerting system with a text based metric format, a multidimensional data model and a powerful query language. It’s now widely used and is the de facto standard for monitoring kubernetes. Metrics can be pulled from different sources, known as ‘targets’. Download the PromQL Cheatsheet to see examples of popular functions and selectors.