Kubernetes Security Guide for DevSecOps

DevSecOps best practices and important information and steps for implementing Kubernetes security.

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Sysdig - Kubernetes Security Guide

Download this guide to learn best practices for implementing DevSecOps workflows for Kubernetes and container security.

Kubernetes has become the de facto operating system of the cloud. However, Kubernetes can be challenging to operate. DevSecOps teams often put off addressing security processes until they are ready to deploy code into production.

Kubernetes requires a new approach to security earlier in the development cycle. Doing it later in the development life cycle slows down the pace of cloud adoption, while raising security and compliance risks.

This Kubernetes Security Guide is designed to give you the information you need to implement your DevSecOps workflows for Kubernetes security and container security at scale. You’ll get a deeper understanding of:

  • Securing container images in a CI/CD pipeline
  • Securing the Kubernetes Control Plane
  • Reducing risk with Role-Based Access Control
  • Securing Pods with Pod Security Policies
  • Securing cloud-native workloads at runtime

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