What matters to us.

Our values

Our values are what make us who we are and inspire and guide us every day. They drive our culture, our strategy, and our vision.

Honor Thy User

You, our users, are everything to us. You are our inspiration and our motivation, and it is our great honor to make your lives easier and more enjoyable. We’re not here to pursue innovation just for innovation’s sake. We’re here to help. We’re here to solve real problems that make a real difference for real people. Everything we do, we do for you, our users.

Treat People with Respect and Kindness

There is a reason it is called the Golden Rule. It’s a pretty good one. We believe that positive interactions are grounded in mutual respect, acknowledgement, and genuine human kindness. We’re committed to holding up our end of the bargain. More explicitly, we strive to: empathize; communicate thoughtfully and constructively; and support and care for ourselves and others.

Live Joyously

Above all else, across everything we do, we treasure a simple sense of joy. We work with passion and enthusiasm. We live in the moment, and relish the small pleasures. We’re inspired by the moments of joy we can create in each others’ lives and the lives of our users. We know we’re lucky to have this opportunity, and we’re enjoying the journey.

Constantly Seek to Learn and Improve

We expect excellence from ourselves and our colleagues, and we happily embrace the fact that getting there is a never-ending journey. We seek feedback and input. We relish learning and improving. There is always more experience to be had, more expertise to be gained. This may seem disheartening - perfection is always a step away - but we find it deeply motivating.

Bravely Dive into the Unknown

We are driven by the challenge of exploring new ideas and tackling complex problems. If the answer were easy, it wouldn’t be any fun. Interesting work requires creativity and risk-taking and perseverance. We’re not afraid to fail: when something has never been done before, the only way forward is to try.

Get Stuff Done

We are here to have an impact. We’re here to create something amazing and bring it to the world - something wondrous and magical, and eminently useful. This means being dedicated and hard-working. This means being independent and self-motivated and entrepreneurial. But most importantly, this means being pragmatic and getting things done.