Accelerating AppSec with and Sysdig

By Eric Carter - MAY 7, 2024


AppSec with Sysdig and

Today at RSA Conference 2024, and Sysdig unveiled a joint solution targeted at helping developers, DevOps, and security teams accelerate secure software delivery from development to deployment. The integration incorporates the exchange of runtime insights and application ownership context between Sysdig Secure and Mend Container to provide users with superior, end-to-end, and risk-based vulnerability prioritization and remediation across development and production environments.

As organizations increase the use of cloud-native services like containers and Kubernetes, they struggle to keep up with the high number of detected security issues. Together, and Sysdig give organizations struggling with limited time and resources more effective ways to target the remediation of real risk. By providing insights into risk detected at runtime, security teams can prevent and defend with greater confidence.

The Growing Challenge of Securing Workloads

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 45% of large enterprises will have experienced attacks on their software supply chains. Threat actors are constantly looking for ways to introduce and exploit vulnerabilities to infiltrate a target organization’s network. As containers continue to grow in usage, they become an ideal delivery vehicle for malicious code.

The volume of newly discovered vulnerabilities continues to increase every year. In fact, the total number of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) is predicted to increase by 25% in 2024. The never-ending flow of new vulnerabilities overwhelms developers and security teams alike. These teams need better ways to filter through the noise and achieve their ultimate goal of delivering software innovation, securely.

Taming Application Security with and Sysdig

Sysdig and have come together to address the frustration of chasing endless software vulnerabilities.

  • has over a decade of experience helping global organizations build world-class AppSec programs. Mend Container identifies and prioritizes critical security vulnerabilities, providing actionable remediation suggestions and a full picture of your open source libraries and dependencies.
  • Sysdig brings a deep understanding of what’s happening at runtime. As the creator of Falco open source, Sysdig is a pioneer in real-time visibility into abnormal behavior, potential security threats, and compliance violations with its comprehensive runtime security.

Through its vantage point at runtime, Sysdig profiles containers to pinpoint the software packages that are in use vs. those that are not. Armed with these insights, enables developers to quickly target the remediation of vulnerabilities and real risk based on severity, exploitability, reachability, and runtime exposure.

How it Works: and Sysdig Integration

Mend Container, when integrated with both Mend SCA and Sysdig Runtime Insights API, incorporates the runtime context of software packages into the Mend SCA product and container scanning results. By providing a view into runtime context, developers and security teams can confirm application deployment and behavior in production and set preferred remediation priorities and scoring.

Mend and Sysdig integration goes beyond CVSS scores to help teams calculate risk. By analyzing aspects such as reachability and exploitability – and now runtime usage – it allows you to move beyond theoretical risk to understand the risk in the context of your application specifically. UI runtime insights

Additionally, Mend Container is able to provide ownership insights for applications that help security teams identify associated repos and application ownership for vulnerable packages. These insights enable automation and acceleration of the remediation process across teams.

Secure from Code to Cloud

With potential threats taking many forms across the software life cycle, both pre- and post-production, organizations need a way to protect applications from multiple forms of risk. Together, and Sysdig help users leverage both “Shift Left” and “Shield Right” security strategies.

Even the best AppSec program alone is not enough as it is impossible to guard against every unknown threat that may arise in production. Here, Sysdig’s runtime security plays a key role in detecting threats in real-time across your containers and cloud. “Shield Right” focuses on operational practices to prevent security incidents, as well as security monitoring and behavioral analysis to detect and respond to events when they occur.

With Sysdig and, security teams can both harden their security posture to prevent attacks before they happen and continuously monitor for active risk to keep cloud environments and applications safe.

Build a World-Class Security Program with and Sysdig

As organizations accelerate delivery of cloud applications, ensuring end-to-end security across the software supply chain and into production is key to success. We are confident that joint customers of and Sysdig will be able to expedite responsiveness, streamline vulnerability remediation, and drive a highly efficient and automated security workflow. The AppSec expertise of and cloud-native application protection from Sysdig empower developer and security teams to move faster and focus on innovation.

Visit our integration page for access to additional resources and to learn more about our joint solution.

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