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Sysdig Secure and Mend Container Integration

With Sysdig, customers using Mend Container get the power of full left to right coverage. Security teams and developers can spot real issues in production and swiftly find the culprit in the code. These insights improve developer productivity by reducing alerts and allowing developers to put their time and attention on only the most crucial security concerns found in their containers.

With a comprehensive approach to identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in your development and production environments, joint customers gain:

  • Runtime protection. Optimize performance in real-time through continuous monitoring of your containerized applications, ensuring a responsive and secure environment.
  • 95% reduction in vulnerability noise. Swipe left on excess noise that’s slowing down and frustrating your developers. Provide them with insights into what packages are loading at runtime so they can effectively prioritize critical vulnerabilities to be fixed.
  • Development to deployment coverage. Security teams can pinpoint the precise repository and application owner where the vulnerability was first introduced into development, accelerating remediation all the way from cloud to code.
  • Deployment priority control. Take charge over application deployment priorities while increasing efficiency and allowing developers to confirm production deployment and set preferred remediation priorities.