ISO 27001:2013 compliance with Sysdig Secure

By Alba Ferri - OCTOBER 13, 2021


The ISO 27001 certification can make a difference when your business is tied with deploying cloud-native applications.

Providing relevance and credibility in front of potential customers will show that your company takes security seriously, ensuring the client’s trust.

We previously covered other compliance frameworks in our blog, like GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, and SOC 2. Those frameworks also show a strong commitment to security best practices. What sets the ISO 27001 standards apart is its global scope to general security, and the reputation that comes with the ISO brand.

Getting ISO 27001 certification is not trivial and requires several steps. We, at Sysdig, are well aware of this complexity and can save you from cost and headaches throughout the process.

ISO certification

What is ISO?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a non-governmental organization that underlines standard frameworks for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) within a corporation.

It provides a firm baseline for executing operational best practices within information security.

Why the ISO 27001 framework is key to your organization

ISO 27001 certification is essential for protecting your organization’s most crucial information and digital assets.

  • Enables organizations to successfully mitigate security threats.
  • Ensures that the company meets minimum security requirements.
  • Ensures that there is an adequate response to manage risk.
  • Guarantees the fulfillment of the customer agreement requirements and the regulatory obligations.

Benefits of ISO 27001:2013 Certification

Let’s be a little more accurate now; the last version of ISO 27001 was published in 2013, so that’s the formal name for the certification.

When an organization acquires the ISO 27001:2013 certification, there are several benefits for the company itself. Several of them are listed below:

  • Improve reliability and security of company assets.
  • Reduce the frequency of audits.
  • Compliance with commercial, contractual, and legal responsibilities to avoid costly penalties.

Requirements to be ISO 27001 certified

At a very high level, these are some of the security controls that your company would likely need to implement in accordance with the ISO 27001 certification requirements:

  • Identify potential information security risks, such as data breaches, cyberattacks, accidents, and errors.
  • Define a secure framework to manage control.
  • Meet compliance laws and regulations.
  • List of the standards, processes and information security policies to be followed by the company.

How Sysdig helps you be ISO 27001:2013 certified

There are several steps you need to follow in order to implement ISO 27001 in your organization before gaining the coveted log.

Getting management support would be the first, as they need to be aware of the cost and be on-board. That is something Sysdig cannot help you with, unfortunately, but for the rest of the steps, you can count on us!

Once you have identified the assets that are within the scope of your organization, whether it be for a single datacenter, several workloads, or for multiple cloud accounts, use Sysdig Secure to perform an analysis of your security posture in accordance with the ISO 27001 controls.

Sysdig Secure compliance dashboard

All these sections are covered by Sysdig’s ISO 27001 compliance report:

  • Internal organization
  • Responsibility for assets
  • Business requirements of access control
  • User access management
  • System and application access control
  • Cryptographic controls
  • Operational procedures and responsibilities
  • Logging and monitoring
  • Control of operational software
  • Technical vulnerability management
  • Network security management
  • Security requirements of information systems
  • Security in development and support processes
  • Compliance with legal and contractual requirements
Example compliance fail check

Sysdig Secure will assist, performing the risk assessment and providing remediation for those controls that do not meet the compliance check.

Also, keep in mind that you can keep track of the compliance posture of your assets over time, as an internal audit.

Once every control is green, you’ll be ready to register for a certification audit!

Example compliance success

A consultant will receive your application and then will guide you through the corresponding steps. Knowing your compliance posture previously will save you time and money even before starting the process.


The concerns about the security of user data privacy are increasing every day. Depending on the industry your company works in, acquiring the ISO 27001 certification can be a great win.

With Sysdig Secure, learn how prepared you are before starting with the certification audit. Save yourself hours of stress and implement the ISO 27001 framework at your own pace.

Try it for free today and have the overview you need to start your ISO 27001 certification journey.

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