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In the quest for business transformation and digital modernization, organizations have rapidly adopted devops frameworks, microservice architectures, serverless technologies, and containerized infrastructures. However, they have realized that legacy tools do not adequately address new security and monitoring challenges associated with modernization. To facilitate the delivery of greater customer value and technical alignment in solving these challenges together with our channel partners, Sysdig has created a Partner Technical Accreditation Program.

Sysdig’s mission is to make every cloud platform secure and reliable from source to run. Our partners are working side-by-side with us to deliver on this promise. By leveraging Sysdig’s SaaS platform built for cloud native security and monitoring, our partners can dig deeper into:

  • Abstractions and constructs of containers, Kubernetes, and microservices
  • Infrastructure health and performance
  • Security and compliance risks
  • Intrusions and incidents occurring within an ephemeral infrastructure

Sysdig Partners can support their customers to get a unified view of the security, compliance, and observability challenges for their cloud native architectures.

Sysdig Partner technical accreditation program. Banner with the two badges.

What is Sysdig’s Technical Accreditation Program?

In Feb. 2022, Sysdig announced its channel-first business approach which meant that we are prioritizing business transactions via our trusted channel partners. As a part of this push, we are investing in the enablement and education of our channel partners to ensure that the solutions they deliver are tailored to customer needs.

To facilitate delivery of greater customer value and technical alignment with our channel partners, Sysdig has created a Partner Technical Accreditation Program. This program currently has two levels and is aimed toward a channel partners’ Sales/Presales Solution Engineers, Architects, Technology Experts or technically inclined Account Executives.

Kraken Scoud badge

Kraken Scout

This will entail a short in-person 90 minute training given by the Sysdig’s aligned Sales Engineer to the Partner’s technical sales resources. The in-person training will also include a short knowledge check at the end. Following the completion of this training, an accredited Kraken Scout should be able to:

  1. Understand key cloud security concepts and navigate DevSecOps environments.
  2. Identify key personas and the common challenges they face related to cloud security/reliability.
  3. Work with Sysdig to enable customers to address these challenges.

Kraken Hunter badge

Kraken Hunter

This advanced enablement will compose of an in-person training given by the Sysdig Sales Engineer to the Partner’s technical sales resources; it will also be followed by a knowledge check. Following the completion of this training, an accredited Kraken Hunter should be able to:

  1. Use Sysdig tools to address specific customer use cases.
  2. Solve complex customer challenges around cloud security/reliability by implementation of the Sysdig Platform.

Partner Benefits

Our partners’ teams will earn badges for each accreditation level validating their achievements. These are shareable achievement badges that can be displayed on social profiles. These accreditation trainings and badges:

  1. Will help demonstrate the recipient’s expertise with regards to DevSecOps.
  2. Validate partner capabilities to leverage Sysdig products for addressing customer challenges.
  3. Will qualify the recipient for additional Sysdig rewards and strengthen the partnership.

Here is what one of our trusted channel partners, Defy Security, had to say about the technical accreditation training:

“The ability to attend an in person training was very helpful, as it allowed for discussions around client use cases and also the commonly faced challenges. Very useful and applicable for me to use when providing additional value to Defy Security clients. Thanks to the Sysdig team!” – Mark Goldenberg, Defy Security.

Getting Started

The Sysdig Platform can enable you to address security and visibility challenges in your customers’ cloud environments. We look forward to partnering with you to resolve these issues together. Sysdig Partners can schedule an in-person training from aligned Sysdig SEs here:

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