Why Sysdig has been recognized as the Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year 2024

By Durgesh Shukla - APRIL 8, 2024


Sysdig has been awarded Google Cloud’s 2024 Technology Partner of the Year for Security, excelling in the “Configuration, Vulnerability Management, and GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance)” segment. This award acknowledges Sysdig’s innovation and commitment to customer success.

What are the Google Cloud Technology Partner awards?

Google Cloud believes in going above and beyond for its customers and extensively leverages its partners as customer champions in this mission. To recognize the standout performance of its partners, Google Cloud hosts the partner awards.

The criteria for receiving the Partner of the Year award in the Technology category are consistently stringent. Previous champions included in this esteemed list are organizations and platforms such as NetApp, GitLab, and MongoDB, in their respective categories.

Criteria for Winning Technology Partner for Security

Aside from measuring the quantitative value of the impact created by the partner for Google Cloud customers, this award segment recognizes one partner that expertly augments Google Cloud’s security solutions to help meet and exceed the following quality/feature requirements:

  • Visualization and monitoring of their customers’ network and application deployments for vulnerabilities
  • Security and compliance risks management
  • Remediation assistance and customer information protection

Note: Sysdig has won this for the Configuration, Vulnerability Management, and GRC segment.

5 key reasons Sysdig was chosen

1. Benefits to customers when leveraging Sysdig with Google Cloud

Today’s security landscape is defined by multi-cloud environments, dynamic containerized workloads, and evolving threats. Visibility gaps, threat detection complexities, and compliance demands hinder the ability to secure critical applications and infrastructure. In the cloud, every second counts. Sysdig stops attacks in real time by instantly detecting changes in risk with Runtime Insights built on open source Falco.

Sysdig works within the Google Cloud ecosystem and correlates signals across workloads, identities, and services to uncover hidden attack paths and prioritize the risks that matter most. Typical results that customers achieve when using Sysdig and Google Cloud together:

  • Save 1.5 hours per vulnerability and 50% in operational overhead
  • 3:1 tool consolidation with a unified cloud-native app protection platform
  • Up to 95% reduction in vulnerability noise

Learn more about how Sysdig has helped various Google Cloud customers.

2. Sysdig provides a unified view of cloud posture

Sysdig correlates assets, activity, and risks across domains, giving real-time visibility into attacks. Customers can visualize exploitable links across resources to uncover attack paths to sensitive data. The Sysdig Cloud Attack Graph is enriched with runtime insights, and real-time detections reveal active lateral movement, helping customers quickly stop attacks.

3. Sysdig’s unique value proposition for prioritizing active cloud risk

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) requirements have shifted as cloud adoption has accelerated. The first wave of cloud adoption required periodic posture assessments to ensure compliance and provide visibility into cloud assets. Today, that is not enough and we believe that organizations need to focus on “Active Cloud Risk.”

Sysdig helps manage the active risks within the production systems, eliminating alert fatigue and noise by up to 95%. It surfaces and prioritizes top risks that are exploitable and actively running, like in-use software packages with critical vulnerabilities. This way, our customers can easily connect the dots and uncover hidden attack paths that are enriched with in-use packages and live events. Learn more.

We like that Sysdig uses knowledge of what is in use during production to help us make better informed posture decisions. It can help filter out 80% or more of the noise. The bottom line is that CSPM is Sysdig’s bread and butter, and that inspires confidence.

Senior Infrastructure Security Engineer at BigCommerce

4. Sysdig’s robust partnership with Google Cloud

Our partnership was formalized three-plus years ago and already serves and creates value for more than 75 organizations across the globe today. This strategic relationship is based on shared values and holistic alignment on topics like Generative AI, and contributions/collaborations for various CNCF-graduated open source projects, such as Falco and Kubernetes. Customers can purchase Sysdig through the Google Cloud Marketplace, and Sysdig is hosted natively as a SaaS on Google Cloud. Visit our Google Cloud Security landing page to learn more.

5. Sysdig integrates seamlessly with the Google Cloud ecosystem

Sysdig’s Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) helps customers protect their Google VMs, GKE, Anthos, Google Cloud Run/Build, Google Cloud Registries, Google COS, and Google Cloud Artifact Registries.

Further, it seamlessly integrates with Google Cloud security products, such as Google Security Command Center and Google Chronicle SIEM, so that all the security data enriched by Sysdig can be used directly by Google Cloud security infrastructure. Learn more.

We’re primarily a Google shop. One of the things we really liked was how quick we were able to tie Sysdig into Google Chronicle. The integration was very clean and painless.

Senior Manager of Information Security at Apree Health

Ready to see Sysdig + Google Cloud in action?

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