Building security into your DevOps workflow? Learn more from us and other cloud-native experts at these upcoming workshops.


Detect, manage and swiftly respond to cloud threats. Sysdig is proud to present this hands-on WorkShopLive, and Virtual, developed with Google Cloud. Discover how runtime insights can help you focus on vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, permissions and threats that matter the most when securing containers, Kubernetes and cloud services in this lightweight hands-on interactive workshop.

In this instructor-led hands-on workshop with Sysdig and AWS, learn how runtime insights enable you to focus on the vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, permissions, and threats that matter most across your AWS services. You’ll come away with guidance on using the Sysdig platform, based on open-source Falco, to better secure your AWS environment and reduce costs and risk without impacting cloud speed and innovation.

Falco on tour

Up & Running with Runtime Security is a free, hands-on workshop for practitioners to skill up on threat protection at runtime, the last line of defense.

Choose from 30+ global hands-on workshops to get up to speed on the role of runtime security, how it applies to Kubernetes, and how to use Falco to protect your applications.

Falco is an open source project for runtime threat detection across Kubernetes, containers, hosts, and the cloud. Directly observing workloads, it’s like a security camera for your applications, detecting and reporting unexpected behavior.

AWS Workshops

Join our AWS and Sysdig DevDay on Sysdig Secure for Cloud. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to use Sysdig’s Unified Vulnerability Scanning, CSPM, and Cloud Threat Detection to run cloud applications in production securely.