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Sysdig and AWS Security Lake offer customers a comprehensive view of cloud security risk. The Sysdig cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) sends security events to Amazon Security Lake to maximize oversight, streamline investigations, and simplify compliance.

  • Secure your cloud end-to-end: Real‑time behavioral insights and threat intelligence provide a proactive defense against evolving cloud threats.
  • Maximize security oversight: Runtime insights and data management at scale provide a comprehensive understanding of risk across your business.
  • Simplify cloud compliance: Measure, monitor, and report on compliance across regions and accounts, and save time gathering information and proof points.
  • Streamline security investigations: Leverage preferred analytics tools to analyze your security data and uncover insights into potential security issues.
Amazon Security Lake and Sysdig Secure Diagram

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Check out the guide Forwarding Sysdig Events to Amazon Security Lake to learn more and get started.