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Sysdig’s integration for Bamboo by Atlassian

About Bamboo by Atlassian

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Sysdig Secure for scanning images in CI/CD pipelines with Bamboo by Atlassian

Scan container images in Atlassian Bamboo’s CI/CD platform to detect and block vulnerabilities before they reach production.

Sysdig inline scanning. A commit triggers a build in bamboo. Images are scanned inside bamboo, then only the results are sent to Sysdig Secure.

Integrating your security policy early in your CI/CD pipeline will prevent known software vulnerabilities to be deployed in our image registries, or even in production, and you will enforce best security practices within your build pipeline before those containers are ever run.

With Sysdig Secure, find any software vulnerabilities, check for container security best practices and Dockerfile contents, whitelist or blacklist specific packages or 3rd party libraries installed manually (like Java JAR/WAR files, or package managers like npm, pip or gem).

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