Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service

About Azure Kubernetes Services

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) helps you develop and deploy cloud-native apps, with built-in code-to-cloud pipelines and guardrails. AKS gives unified management and governance for on-premises, edge, and multicloud Kubernetes clusters. 

Sysdig Secure and Sysdig Monitor for AKS

Sysdig has validated its security, monitoring, and compliance capabilities with Azure services to help DevOps teams accelerate cloud‐native application delivery, maximize performance and availability, validate compliance, and manage security risk.

Sysdig Monitor and Sysdig Secure provide Azure AKS monitoring and security from a single agent and unified platform. Sysdig helps Azure customers ship cloud apps faster by helping them see more, secure more, and save time in troubleshooting deployed microservices.

On the whole, Sysdig solutions simplify your job of ensuring the containerized services you run on Azure AKS are reliable, secure, and performing at their best.

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Sysdig and Microsoft Azure solution brief