Splunk On-Call (VictorOps)

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About Splunk On-Call

Splunk On-Call, formerly VictorOps, is a real-time incident management platform that makes expensive service outages a thing of the past. It helps remediate issues faster, reduces on-call burnout, and keeps services up and running.

Sysdig Secure and Sysdig Monitor integration with VictorOps

One of the most common ways that users interact with Sysdig products is through alerts. The Sysdig team has strived to make this alert-response experience as smooth and intuitive as possible in Sysdig Secure and Sysdig Monitor.

Our integration with VictorOps is one of the most used integrations within Sysdig products. By hooking up your Sysdig account to your VictorOps account, you can automatically route Sysdig notifications directly through VictorOps.

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