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What’s new in Sysdig – May 2022


Welcome to another edition of What’s New in Sysdig in 2022! The “What’s new in Sysdig” blog is now under...

What’s new in Sysdig – June 2022


It’s time for another publication of What’s New in Sysdig in 2022! I’m in charge of the “What’s new in...

Turbocharge your Azure security and compliance posture with Sysdig


This article is intended to summarize the security services and tools provided by Microsoft for Azure cloud. We will also...

What’s New in Sysdig – November 2022


What’s New in Sysdig is back again with the November 2022 edition! I am Matt Shirilla, an Enterprise Sales Engineer...

OWASP Kubernetes Top 10


One of the biggest concerns when using Kubernetes is whether we are complying with the security posture and taking into...

What is the MITRE ATT&CK Framework for Cloud? | 10 TTPs You should know of


MITRE ATT&CK framework for cloud will help you identify the possible threats related to a cloud environment and begin securing...

33(+) Kubernetes Security Tools


Kubernetes security tools … there are so freaking many of them; with different purposes, scopes and licenses. That’s why we...

How to instrument Go code with custom expvar metrics


In this tutorial we are going to learn how to instrument Golang code to expose application custom metrics using expvar....

Introducing kube-state-metrics support — complete Kubernetes state monitoring


We’re thrilled to announce the expansion of Sysdig Monitor integration with Kubernetes with the release of kube-state-metrics support. Now, you...

Kubernetes security context, security policy, and network policy – Kubernetes security guide (part 2).


Once you have defined Kubernetes RBAC: users and services credentials and permissions, we can start leveraging Kubernetes orchestration capabilities to...

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