Sysdig Releases 2018 Docker Usage Report.

MAY 29, 2018


An inside look at shifting container usage trends.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA. May 29, 2018Sysdig, Inc. the cloud-native intelligence company, announced today the release of the second annual Docker Usage Report, a comparison of how a broad cross-section of vertical industries and companies have adopted and are using containers, microservices, and modern cloud-native components in their environments. This includes organizations ranging in size from mid-market to large enterprises across North America, Latin America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. The report findings are from a point-in-time snapshot of container and Kubernetes usage as reported by the Sysdig monitoring and security cloud services.

Sysdig is the only platform to offer unified security, monitoring, and forensics for containers and microservices, giving users a robust view of the health of their cloud-native applications. The report aggregates data from 90,000 containers – twice the sample size of last year – delivering unique insight into real-world production use of containers. The results of this year’s study show tremendous momentum across the Docker container ecosystem year-over-year. As more organizations transition to DevOps and microservices models, and expertise in the “modern stack” increases, Sysdig sees more activity, more scale, and a greater need for understanding the pieces that work well together.

The full 2018 Docker Usage Report in PDF form can be downloaded for free from

Highlights from the Report.

  1. 50% increase in median container density.
    Containers are providing the added value of increased host utilization enabling organizations to deliver more services on existing hardware.

  2. The battle for the Kubernetes distribution of choice is on.
    While last year various orchestrators were vying for supremacy, this year the contest is around whose Kubernetes distribution can rule.

  3. Alternative container runtimes grew to 17%.
    rkt accounted for 12% of the container runtime environment, which is attributed to the acquisition of CoreOS by Red Hat and programs like the Open Container Initiative. Newer container runtime solutions have added diversity to the options available.

  4. 3 out of the 12 top application components deployed in containers are database solutions.
    There has been a shift in containerizing more stateful services, signaling an increased confidence in containers.

  5. Mesos users deploy 50% more containers.
    Kubernetes is still the most-used orchestrator, but larger-scale container and cloud deployments are more inclined to choose Mesos.

  6. 95% of containers live less than a week.
    For efficiency, systems can be designed to scale with demand and containers live only as long as they add value. With Sysdig, even the data for a container that disappears within seconds is recorded in case the data is needed for future forensics.
“Sysdig is committed to driving the industry transformation towards containers and microservices as the foundation for modern application development,” said Apurva Davé, CMO, Sysdig. “By releasing our insights, we hope to arm DevOps with industry information to help companies make the most informed decisions as they operate and secure their environments.”

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