JW Player Uses Sysdig to Securely Deliver Video to 1 Billion+ Users



JW Player Case Study

The Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform enables JW Player to embed security and monitoring into its secure DevOps workflow

SAN FRANCISCO – Septmber 2, 2020 — Sysdig, Inc., the secure DevOps leader, today announced that JW Player, the world’s largest independent video platform, has deployed the Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform. With Sysdig, JW Player monitors the health of its Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment in order to maximize availability and performance for its video technology. Read the detailed case study on how JW Player uses Sysdig.

Sysdig also announced today a partnership with VulnDB, a comprehensive, timely, and actionable source of vulnerability intelligence.

Vital in providing visibility and security during AWS migration
Given the scale of the JW Player platform and the popularity of videos, there is extreme pressure to constantly innovate. Before migrating services over to its Kubernetes-based AWS cloud environment, low visibility was a challenge JW Player needed to address. Additionally, during the migration to Kubernetes, the team needed a monitoring solution that provided immediate visibility and insights to help them investigate in the event the migration didn’t go as planned. At the same time, in the event something goes wrong, JW Player needs to know what happened and be able to troubleshoot quickly.

“We were initially attracted to Sysdig by all of the out-of-the-box capabilities for Kubernetes monitoring, and they also give us the ability to incorporate security in our DevOps workflow,” said Kamil Sindi, chief technology officer at JW Player. “Sysdig is an integral part of the JW Player AWS Cloud environment. The rich observability across the full Kubernetes stack allows us to optimize for iteration speed, which ultimately helps us innovate faster and focus on our products and customer feedback.”

Reduced operational burden by 16%
Before choosing Sysdig, JW Player considered building its own observability solution and put together an extensive ROI analysis that weighed the benefits of building versus buying. The company estimated that it would take one developer an entire year, plus monthly maintenance, to build what they received out-of-the-box from Sysdig. By using Sysdig, the JW Player Kubernetes journey started more than a year earlier.

Being able to consult with the Sysdig technical team, a container-first team with deep Kubernetes knowledge, JW Player was able to begin its migration with confidence. Now that JW Player has migrated all services to KubernetesAWS, rather than worrying about monitoring and security, developers are able to focus on high-value projects.

“Over the last decade, video has emerged as a major communications medium and JW Player is leading the industry. The amount of data JW Player processes a day puts a lot of pressure on the infrastructure and the engineering team. Uptime is vital to the business, there is no room for error,” said Suresh Vasudevan, chief executive officer at Sysdig. “Here at Sysdig, we focus on security, compliance, and monitoring for the JW Player Kubernetes-based environment so they can focus on innovating and shipping applications faster.”

Only unified security, compliance, and monitoring platform
Sysdig understands that speed of development is of the utmost importance and there is a concern that security will slow development down. With a single source of truth, Sysdig eliminates silos of information between development, DevOps, and security teams to speed innovation and remediation. Sysdig offers five-minute onboarding and out-of-the-box dashboards and integrations to help organizations understand what is important in their new environment. Within five minutes of starting Sysdig, cloud teams are guided through the activation of the five essential workflows required to securely operate cloud-native workloads.

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