Nearly 50 Enterprise Customers Now Use Sysdig Cloud, the Industry’s Only Container-Native Monitoring Solution

AUGUST 19, 2015


Sysdig doubles recurring revenue month-over-month for six months, becoming one of the first startups to successfully monetize container technologies

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sysdig, the container visibility company, today released information on customer and revenue traction for its container-native monitoring solution, Sysdig Cloud. Since launching in an open beta in early 2015, Sysdig has now closed nearly 50 enterprise customers, doubling revenue every month for over six consecutive months. Roughly half of these organizations have signed on in just the last two months – many following Sysdig’s announcement last month of the general availability of Sysdig Cloud in conjunction with a $10.7M Series A round of funding. With today’s announcement, Sysdig becomes one of the first companies to prove real monetization in the red-hot container market, addressing the distinct need for container-native monitoring and visibility.

“One thing is abundantly clear, microservice-based architectures are becoming more ubiquitous across organizations of all sizes. Containers are enabling this paradigm shift, but visibility inside containers is still a key challenge and blocker for adoption,” said Mike Kavis, VP and principal architect for Cloud Technology Partners and noted expert in the developing market. “Sysdig Cloud is addressing this challenge with their container native approach to monitoring and visibility.”

As the only container-native monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting solution purpose-built for microservice-driven applications, Sysdig Cloud goes beyond providing the basic resource usage metrics (CPU, memory, IO) previously available to organizations leveraging container technologies like Docker and CoreOS. Its patent‐pending ContainerVision™ technology provides deep, request‐level visibility inside containers, from outside the containers themselves, meaning development and operations teams don’t have to instrument each individual container across the environment. By simply deploying a Sysdig Cloud container on the host machine, users automatically get deep visibility into all other containers and the rest of the containerized infrastructure without any additional configuration or instrumentation. Think of it as monitoring as a microservice.

Bill Maxwell, DevOps Lead at Rancher, an open-source platform for building private container services (and an early Sysdig Cloud customer) said, “When we first deployed Sysdig Cloud alongside our containers, it was like we saw what was really happening across our whole environment for the first time. Seeing request-level metrics inside containers is a really cool way to analyze system health.”

Container technology is arguably one of the most impactful new technologies in enterprise IT in the last decade, and legacy solutions are struggling to keep up with this container revolution. From networking to storage to security, a new breed of container-native solutions is required to address this shift in the way applications are built and deployed, and monitoring is no exception. Sysdig’s impressive traction in the rapidly growing container market is a testament to the pain they are addressing for customers looking for visibility inside containers, an inherently opaque infrastructure component.

“Legacy monitoring solutions are falling short in today’s microservice based environments. What is needed is a new breed of monitoring tools that are built from the ground up for container visibility – tools that avoid untenable performance, management and agility taxes,” said Paul Burns, president and founder of analyst firm, Neovise. “Sysdig Cloud does this by using the best architecture I’ve seen. It uses container-native monitoring, eliminating container instrumentation and avoiding agents within the microservice containers.”

Shiem Edelbrock, CTO at The Control Group, another Sysdig Cloud customer, added, “Sysdig Cloud gets exponentially more useful as your infrastructure topology becomes more complex. And as far as containerization goes, Sysdig Cloud is the only monitoring solution out there that’s worth anything.”

Sysdig Cloud is available as software as a service or as self-hosted solution that is currently in beta. For a 14-day free trial of Sysdig Cloud, please visit

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