Sysdig Announces First Comprehensive Monitoring Solution for Kubernetes

NOVEMBER 9, 2015


Sysdig Cloud now offers native visibility into Kubernetes environments running Docker and microservices in production

San Francisco, CA — (November 9, 2015) — Sysdig, the container-native visibility company, announced comprehensive support for Kubernetes across the Sysdig product line, including open source sysdig and Sysdig Cloud. Kubernetes, an open source container orchestration tool originally created by Google, is rapidly becoming the most popular framework on which to deploy microservice-oriented applications in Docker containers. Sysdig Cloud now becomes the first and only monitoring solution to offer complete visibility into these cutting edge Kubernetes environments. Open source system exploration tool, sysdig, has also added native support for Kubernetes, further building on its industry-leading Docker troubleshooting capabilities. Sysdig will be debuting and demoing these new releases at the Kubecon conference this week in San Francisco, and next week at DockerCon in Barcelona.

Kubernetes is designed to make it dead simple for teams to run Docker and clusters of microservices at scale. Kubernetes, like many orchestration tools, deploys applications by distributing interconnected Docker containers across a cluster of shared physical resources. This service-oriented architecture offers significant benefits, including increased scalability and flexibility, reduced overhead, and accelerated deployment cycles. But these benefits tend to come at the cost of reduced visibility into the system. Legacy monitoring tools are severely limited in these new environments, and this has created real barriers to entry for many enterprises looking to reap the benefits of running Docker and microservices in production.

Sysdig’s mission is to reduce these barriers by offering mission-critical visibility into Kubernetes environments. This is enabled by Sysdig’s core technology, the first monitoring technology built from the ground up to fully embrace containers and modern, service-oriented architectures. Sysdig Cloud’s new support for Kubernetes now abstracts away underlying complexity and offers natural visibility into the actual performance of applications, services and containers running on Kubernetes.

Sysdig Cloud’s container-native monitoring for Kubernetes includes key features such as:

  • Container-native monitoring with ContainerVision™: Sysdig’s patent-pending ContainerVision is the only technology on the market capable of offering deep, application-level visibility into Kubernetes and Docker containers, while respecting the independence and isolation of each container.
  • Kubernetes metadata integration: Kubernetes is built on a unique and powerful architecture that translates microservices into “pods”, “services”, “replication controllers”, and “namespaces”. Sysdig Cloud now understands the full context of your Kubernetes system, and offers alerts and dashboards that correlate this metadata directly with all your system, network, application, and infrastructure data.
  • Zero configuration deployment: Just drop the Sysdig Cloud container into your Kubernetes environment and… that’s it. Really. ContainerVision automatically detects every application running in every other container in your infrastructure and starts streaming back a stunning level a detail in real time.

“Kubernetes is one of the hottest and most promising new technologies in IT – and for good reason,” says Sysdig founder and CEO, Loris Degioanni. “Building on Sysdig’s best-in-class support for Docker containers with comprehensive integrations for Kubernetes has been one of the most requested features by our customers and our open source community. I’m hopeful that with the insights provided by sysdig and Sysdig Cloud, more and more teams will be able to innovate with Kubernetes-based infrastructures in production with confidence and peace of mind.”

You can download open source sysdig at, and you can sign up for a free trial of Sysdig Cloud at And please stop by our booth and check out a demo at KubeCon in San Francisco, CA from November 9-11, 2015 and DockerCon in Barcelona, Spain from November 15-17, 2015.

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