Sysdig Announces Scale, Performance, and Integration Enhancements for Enterprise Class Docker Monitoring.

APRIL 18, 2017


Today, Sysdig announced major enhancements to Sysdig Monitor, its container monitoring platform, in support of enterprise-class Docker deployments. This broad announcement covers scale of Docker containers monitored; performance of analysis and visualization; and deeper integrations with Prometheus and Docker Enterprise Edition as well as integrated orchestration support of Docker Swarm.

“Enterprise customers are rapidly growing their production Docker deployments, both in the cloud and behind the firewall,” notes David Messina, SVP of Marketing at Docker. “In light of this surge in enterprise traction, Sysdig is addressing the importance of scalable, reliable container visibility for these organizations.”

“We have seen a rapid evolution of the Docker container market over the past couple of years,” said Loris Degioanni, CEO and Founder of Sysdig. “While Docker started as a developer-oriented project in small organizations, it has rapidly become a key infrastructure platform for production-class deployments in enterprises. As such, enterprises expect monitoring, troubleshooting, and performance management tools that support Docker.”

Docker Monitoring at Enterprise-Class Scale

Both Sysdig Monitor Cloud and Sysdig Monitor On-Premise Software now provide even greater scale in support of Docker deployments. A single instance of Sysdig Monitor can now support high-performance monitoring of 100,000 concurrent containers over thousands of hosts.

“Our customers’ container deployments are very large, and continuing to grow every month,” notes Chris Crane, VP of Product at Sysdig. “It was essential that our product could scale alongside their deployments to provide them with the visibility they need.”

Scaling container monitoring is particularly challenging not only for the number of containers in question, but also the number of metrics Sysdig collects per container and per host. “Unlike solutions where developers are forced to instrument their code and carefully select a few metrics that they would like to track, Sysdig collects hundreds of metrics per container by default. This makes developers’ lives easier and troubleshooting more efficient,” said Aditya Kini, VP of Engineering at Sysdig.

“That of course puts the burden on Sysdig to continue to scale, and this announcement proves we’re up to the challenge. We’re looking forward to providing our customers with another 10x scale improvement in scale as we continue to grow along with their Docker adoption.”

Up to 10x Increase in Docker Performance Analysis and Visualization

Sysdig Monitor has also launched a new, more powerful analysis and visualization layer to complement the scale of data collection that it supports.

“Developers expect fast, powerful and responsive analytics that can give insight into aggregate data across tens of thousands of containers,” notes Apurva Davé, VP of Marketing at Sysdig. “Our enhanced user interface not only provides users with the speed they expect, but we have also significantly improved the user experience with an improved workflow. We have taken feedback from hundreds of customers to create a more intuitive experience for Sysdig Monitor.”

This enhanced analysis capability is generally available for Sysdig Monitor Dashboards, in beta for Sysdig Monitor Explore, and private beta for Sysdig Monitor Alerting.

Enhanced Integrations with Docker Swarm and Prometheus

Sysdig Monitor continues to improve its array of integrations both with enterprise-class orchestration systems as well as metrics sources and formats.

Sysdig now provides enhanced integration with Docker EE with integrated swarm mode orchestration. “Enterprises continue to invest in orchestration tools as the key interface into production-class container environments. With our enhanced integration, customers now get all the benefits of Sysdig’s container intelligence for swarm environments: auto-discovery of the Swarm master, key master and slave metrics, pre-built dashboards, and the ability to aggregate data across services,” continued Apurva.

Sysdig also now provides the ability to support Prometheus metrics format. “We work with many customers who experiment with Prometheus monitoring in their R&D phase, but then look for an enterprise-class monitoring solution as they move to production,” notes Loris Degioanni. “With this new integration, we can collect Prometheus metrics with less overhead per host and then store those metrics in a more scalable backend. This is the kind of scalability and simplicity our enterprise customers are looking for.”

About Sysdig

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