Sysdig Expands Operations Into Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

MARCH 19, 2018


Opens Office in London; Helps ensure EU organizations are GDPR compliant ahead of final deadline

San Francisco, CA – March 20, 2018—Sysdig, Inc., the container intelligence company, today announced the opening of its new offices in London and the promotion of Edward Oakes to director of sales for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). This expansion builds on the already strong Sysdig presence in the region, with tens of thousands of EMEA developers and DevOps using the company’s open source tools and many enterprises using its commercial products. Oakes is charged with building on that momentum and will partner with Sysdig marketing, support and engineering in EMEA to ensure customer success.

The Sysdig vision is to provide a single, unified platform to operate containers in production. Since 2013 and the release of its open source technologies, the company has been a leader in delivering security, monitoring and forensics in a container and micro-services friendly architecture. Developers in EMEA were some of the earliest adopters of Sysdig, including Quby, the creators of Toon, the smart thermostat.

“Developers in EMEA have been fast to adopt containers, and Sysdig was a trailblazer in developing tools that are microservices-friendly,” said Edward Oakes. “Our EMEA customers recognized that and were onboard early. I look forward to continuing to work with those innovative developers and sharing with new customers the power of a unified approach to container security, monitoring and forensics.”

Containers are a fast-growing market, with analysts predicting growth of 40% in the next few years. Their adoption is driven by numerous benefits including speeding the configuration cycle, setup for virtual machines and application delivery cycles, plus portability and therefore cost savings. According to industry analysts, containerization in EMEA is led by the banking, financial services and insurance industries where there is a need for deploying, executing and managing mixed workloads and heterogeneous applications in datacenters and cloud infrastructure.

“Hundreds of enterprises now depend on Sysdig to secure and monitor millions of containers in production,” said Loris Degioanni, founder and CEO at Sysdig. “Many of those companies are based in EMEA. Our expansion in the region is a logical step in our business growth strategy and shows our commitment to serving our customers where they live. With Ed leading efforts, we are able to build closer ties to our customers and are better positioned to introduce our container intelligence platform to the region.”

Sysdig commitment to regulation compliance

With the two-year grace period for the European General Data Protection (GDPR) expiring on May 25, 2018, many organizations doing business in the EU or that process personal data originating in the EU are scrambling to make changes to how personal data, breaches and incident responses are handled.

For more information on GDPR and how Sysdig is ensuring compliance, read the Sysdig blog “DevOps GDPR Compliance: The ‘Spark Notes’ Edition.”

Furthering a commitment to serving customers, Sysdig Secure, which includes run-time security for Docker, Kubernetes and microservices addresses breach prevention, response and forensics to ensure organizations in the EU are GDPR compliant. Sysdig Secure has flexible policies that allow organizations to define what directories hold sensitive data and detects users and programs reading from those directories. Full stack forensics capabilities track all users’ activity and executed commands. Sysdig run-time security captures all activity pre and post-policy violation, ensuring that if a breach occurs, every connection opened, or file accessed can be analyzed. Sysdig Secure will even provide information on all content read, written or passed over the wire.

When using Sysdig, developers choose between cloud and on-premises deployment. Without a blanket, EU mandate regarding data sovereignty, privacy and data-hosting laws vary by country. Data sovereignty presents technical and legal challenges, but with an on-premises option, Sysdig enables developers to store data where they need.

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