Sysdig Launches Runtime Insights Partner Ecosystem to Combat Active Cloud Risk and Stop Attacks

MAY 2, 2024


The company’s collaboration with industry-leading solutions helps customers strengthen cloud security operations

– May 2, 2024 – Sysdig, the leader in cloud security powered by runtime insights, today announced the launch of the company’s Runtime Insights Partner Ecosystem, recognizing the leading security solutions that combine with Sysdig to help customers prioritize and respond to critical security risks. With Sysdig, ecosystem partners leverage Sysdig’s runtime insights to help organizations harden defenses, identify active cloud risks, stop attacks, and streamline cloud security from development through production.

Attacks in the cloud are fast and sophisticated. In just 10 minutes, threat actors can inflict damage. To secure innovation in the cloud, organizations must be able to prioritize their most critical risks and stay ahead of evolving threats. Responding at the speed of the cloud requires real-time insights that bolster vulnerability management, posture management, entitlement management, and threat detection and response.

Empowering Partners with Runtime Insights


“Continuously securing cloud-native environments requires accurate real-time insights at every stage of the cloud life cycle,” said Phil Williams, SVP of Corporate Development at Sysdig. “No single vendor can deliver this value – it requires powerful integrations between leading cloud and application security companies. By delivering a seamless, unified security experience, Sysdig and its partners bolster cloud security programs and foster improved collaboration to keep cloud environments safe.”

Sysdig ecosystem partners help security teams benefit from cohesive solutions that live up to the realities of modern attacks and give teams an advantage with tooling and processes designed for the cloud. Sysdig’s runtime insights, built on open source Falco, empower security solutions across a number of domains to offer a unique lens into what is in use and actually happening in production.

The Four Pillars of the Sysdig Runtime Insights Partner Ecosystem


Vulnerability Management: Runtime insights help Sysdig partners reduce vulnerabilities by up to 95%, boost developer productivity with actionable insights, and prioritize the most critical security issues by focusing on what’s in use and exploitable in production.

Entitlement Management: 98% of cloud permissions go unused, leaving a large surface area for exploitation. Sysdig helps partners close permissions gaps in minutes by identifying inactive users and identities with excessive permissions. Comprehensive entitlement management leveraging runtime insights enables organizations to gain greater visibility into cloud identities, quickly enforce least privilege access, simplify compliance with identity and access management requirements, and eliminate excessive entitlements using recommended access policies based on in-use permissions.

Threat Detection and Response: Traditional security measures are ineffective given the dynamic and distributed nature of modern applications. Real-time Sysdig detections help next-generation security information and event management (SIEM); security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR); and extended detection and response (XDR) partners incorporate the information they need to respond quickly to cloud threats. By correlating activity across containers, cloud services, servers, and identities, Sysdig helps reveal active threats, such as lateral movement, at cloud speed.

Posture Management: Static scanning for misconfigurations is not enough to prevent cloud attacks. Sysdig partners help prevent cloud breaches and prioritize the most significant cloud risks using runtime insights. With Sysdig, partners seamlessly triage risks, enhance mitigation effectiveness, and enrich existing customer workflows to bolster security strategy and posture with the power of real-time context.

What our Runtime Insights Partners are Saying

Sarit Kozokin, VP, Product Management, Snyk, a leader in developer security
“Sysdig’s unique container runtime threat protection capabilities combined with Snyk’s powerful detection and risk management tooling empower developers across the world to innovate securely. By delivering risk insights early in the development pipeline, Sysdig and Snyk instantly eliminate up to 95% of the vulnerabilities that would otherwise demand developers’ attention.”

Ori Bendet, VP of Product Management at Checkmarx, a leader in enterprise cloud-native application security
“Sysdig enhances Checkmarx’s ability to prioritize and address vulnerabilities effectively from a code-to-cloud perspective while better identifying and remediating security threats. Our partnership fosters a more resilient cloud-native environment while empowering developers and security teams with a more proactive security posture.”

Matt Lanagan, Vice President of Partnerships and Alliances at Docker, a leading provider of cloud-native application development tools
“With over 20 million developers globally, Docker is dedicated to elevating security across the entire development life cycle. For example, leveraging Docker Scout’s robust supply chain management features alongside Sysdig’s powerful runtime insights allows us to provide a holistic security solution that adeptly manages risks from development through to production. This collaboration not only streamlines security procedures but also underscores our mutual dedication to delivering trusted software solutions tailored for the challenges faced by today’s developers.” 

Mike Nichols, Vice President, Product for Security at Elastic, a leading search analytics company
“Elastic is helping organizations modernize SecOps with a unified and open solution for SIEM and security analytics. Like Sysdig, Elastic is committed to open source and embracing community-driven innovation. By incorporating runtime insights from Sysdig, we’re able to collapse data silos and enable customers to investigate and respond quickly to evolving threats.”

Ariel Shuper, VP of Product Management at, a leader in enterprise application security
“We are excited to join Sysdig’s Runtime Insights Partner Ecosystem. The partnership between and Sysdig provides holistic security coverage for applications from code repositories through runtime execution. This integration will accelerate the security resolution process by increasing developers’ efficiency and streamlining communication between security and engineering teams.”

David Willis, Vice President of Technology Integrations at Netskope, a global secure access service edge (SASE) and zero trust cybersecurity leader
“Sysdig and Netskope each create unique insights into user and workload behaviors. By correlating a user’s engagement with cloud resources, joint customers can implement a continuous, trust-based enforcement policy. This collaboration is a great example of how zero trust principles can be applied to the world of dynamic workloads and security DevOps requirements, ultimately with better protection for users, apps, and data.”

Julia Fare, Vice President, Partnerships at PagerDuty, a global leader in digital operations management
“In the high-stakes realm of cloud security, our partnership with Sysdig equips security teams using the PagerDuty Operations Cloud with essential tools and insights, enabling rapid, effective incident management to mitigate risks when every second counts.”

Drew Horn, Senior Director, Product Marketing & Technology Alliances at Sumo Logic, a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) log analytics platform
“As organizations increasingly rely on the cloud to accelerate innovation, the ability to detect and triage threats and speed incident investigations is critical to stop cloud attacks. Sysdig brings an invaluable source of threat visibility and context to Sumo Logic that helps users more effectively manage and respond to risk.”

Charlie Ardagh, Head of Partnerships at Tines, a trusted leader in smart, secure workflows
“Sysdig is a valuable contributor to the security community and we are thrilled to be collaborating with them. Together, we’ll support our joint customers to advance their threat detection and response by combining critical runtime insights from Sysdig with Tines’ powerful workflow automation capabilities.”

The Sysdig technology ecosystem also includes integrations with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft, Oracle Cloud, Atlassian, CloudBees, Cyberark, Cybereason, GitHub, GitLab, HashiCorp, JFrog, Kasten, Mirantis, Okta, Panther, Portworx, Rafay, Red Hat, ServiceNow, Splunk, SUSE, Torq, VMware, and others.

To learn more about becoming a Runtime Insights Ecosystem Partner, visit the partnership page.



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