Press Release

Sysdig Named Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Vendor to Watch

Leading Analyst Firm Recognizes Sysdig Cloud’s Unique, Agentless Visibility Inside Containers

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sysdig, creator of container-native monitoring solution Sysdig Cloud, today announced it has been named a “Vendor to Watch” by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), a leading industry analyst firm. EMA “Vendors to Watch” are companies that deliver unique value to customers by solving problems that had previously gone unaddressed in the market.

“EMA has selected Sysdig as a ‘Vendor to Watch’ based on their innovative approach to container visibility,” said Dan Twing, President and COO at Enterprise Management Associates. “Sysdig’s architecture and deployment model is closely aligned with the way enterprises are using and deploying microservice-based architectures. As the use of container technologies in the enterprise continues to rise, organizations will need monitoring and management tools that can see into and understand containers as well as the rest of the environment. Container-native monitoring solutions like Sysdig will enable companies to deploy them into production with confidence.”

EMA recognized Sysdig Cloud’s core ContainerVision™ technology for being designed specifically to respect the unique characteristics of containers. ContainerVision provides deep visibility into all aspects of microservice environments, including applications, infrastructure, network, and systems – even if these elements are isolated in containers. Simply deploy one additional Sysdig Cloud container on each host and automatically see inside the rest of the containerized environment with no additional configuration or plugins required.

“We are honored to be named an EMA ‘Vendor to Watch’ in recognition of our unique approach to monitoring and visibility in containerized environments. Sysdig Cloud is the only monitoring solution on the market designed from the ground up to treat microservices and containers as first class citizens,” said Loris Degioanni, Founder and CEO of Sysdig. “We’re excited to help more and more companies every day reach the full potential of running technologies like Docker, CoreOS, Mesos, and Kubernetes in production.”


Sysdig enables companies to confidently run cloud-native workloads in production. With the Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform, cloud teams embed security, validate compliance and maximize performance and availability. The Sysdig platform is open by design with the scale, performance, and usability enterprises demand. The largest companies rely on Sysdig for cloud-native security and visibility.  Learn more at