Sysdig Surpasses 200 Customers for its Docker Monitoring Solution

NOVEMBER 2, 2016


Sysdig, the container-native monitoring company today announced that it has surpassed 200 enterprise customers for its Docker monitoring solution. This comes just a few months after surpassing the 100 customer milestone. This milestone shows both the progression of Sysdig’s offering as well as the continued maturity of containers as a production-ready technology.

“Enterprises are accelerating the pace at which they adopt Docker and container infrastructure like Kubernetes,” said Loris Degioanni, CEO and founder of Sysdig. “While containers deliver efficiency and agility for developers, monitoring Docker environments and troubleshooting complex distributed microservices presents a new set of technical challenges for organizations.”

Sysdig is the first container-native monitoring solution solely designed to address Docker monitoring challenges. The commercial solution is based on sysdig, the open source troubleshooting tool that has been downloaded over a million times by developers, devops, and sysadmins around the world.

Major milestone of 200 enterprise customers

“Sysdig natively sees Docker containers and my Kubernetes services, with very little effort on my part. That makes it easy to monitor dynamic microservices.” Phil Kates, Senior DevOps Engineer, Airware

“As we continue to advance our software for the construction industry, we are leveraging Docker for high-velocity development and portability among clouds. Sysdig gives us visibility across the board, making it easier for our teams to monitor and troubleshoot effectively.” JT Armstrong, CISO & Director IT Architecture and Solutions, EllisDon Construction

In about one year since general availability, Sysdig has passed 200 enterprise customers. More than two-thirds of those have signed up this year. These customers represent a broad range of industries and company sizes. For example:

Industries such as finance, healthcare, media, telecommunications, technology, and consulting Multiple government agencies, including Federal, Local, and international. Multiple Fortune 500 companies Companies from North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific are adopting the solution

Customers are adopting Sysdig cloud for the ability to monitor Docker and containerized applications in production environments that require deep visibility into not only containers but also the microservices built on top of them.

Accelerating product development

Sysdig’s patented ContainerVision™ technology provides deep, request‐level visibility inside containers without invasive instrumentation. This approach succeeds for Docker monitoring where legacy monitoring fails, and at the same time makes monitoring applications and microservices simpler and more robust.

Chris Crane, VP of product at Sysdig, noted that Sysdig has accelerated development in parallel with the adoption of the product. A few highlights include:

On-premise monitoring software. For customers that want to maintain their own private Sysdig backend, they can deploy Sysdig’s Docker monitoring software on their own hosts. This solution augments our existing Cloud service that has been available since 2015.

  • Advanced Kubernetes support. Sysdig has added more metadata support for deployments and replicasets.
  • Container event correlation. Correlate Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD events and more with metrics for greater context.
  • Mesosphere DC/OS Integration. Out-of-the-box support for Mesos monitoring with metadata collection and service-based analysis.
  • Advanced container alerting support. Sysdig provides microservice-based alerting, now with advanced multi-condition logic and more output channels like Slack, VictorOps, and OpsGenie.
  • Full-featured API. Developers can programatically interface with every single feature of sysdig, deeply integrating it with their own software and processes.

All of this functionality is generally available in both Sysdig products. Sysdig also offers free trials of its service to all organizations.

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