Sysdig Monitor

Enterprise-Class Container Monitoring


Analyze full-stack data

Response times, application performance metrics, custom metrics; container and server utilization metrics, and even network metrics. See it all in one place, with just one instrumentation point in your server.


It’s like htop for your entire infrastructure. Group data by host, container, or use metadata from Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, and AWS to view everything by micro-service. Drill down into pre-built views.


Build full-stack dashboards across applications, micro-services, containers, networks and more. Easily correlate docker events, CI/CD events, code commits, Kubernetes events, alerts, and more.

Adaptive Alerting

Build alerts across namespaces, clusters, labels, or any tag. Alert per-container, per-host or aggregate. Use outlier detection to simplify monitoring. Report out to PagerDuty, Slack, email, and more. Trigger changes in your system via webhooks.

Custom Metrics

Automatically collect statsd and JMX metrics from every app and container, without a server endpoint or complex configs. Aggregate data by micro-service or cluster on-the-fly.

Trace Driven Troubleshooting

Other systems stop at the chart. We go much deeper. Trigger captures of system calls to do deep troubleshooting, even after your containers and hosts are long gone. Get deep views per process, container, connection…even down to payload.


Create service-based access controls to isolate data by microservice, environment, or customer. It’s simpler and more secure than other tools.