Sysdig Secure

Take a services-aware approach to run-time security and forensics. Bring together deep container visibility with Docker and Kubernetes integration to block threats more effectively.

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What it Does

Defense in Data
Orchestrator-oriented security
Adaptive Run-time defense
Full-stack forensics
Comprehensive Compliance

Defense in Data

Sysdig ContainerVision collects data through system calls, giving you 10x more signals about container, host and orchestrator activity in your environment. Our behavioral models leverage data from the millions containers we already protect to create the most effective out-of-the-box container protection and response for you.

Orchestrator-oriented security

It’s not just about containers - it’s about context. Sysdig ServiceVision automatically orients container data into service insights by combining metadata from Kubernetes, ECS, Openshift, and more. Ease policy management, simplify compliance, and protect thousands of containers with a single orchestrator oriented policy.

Adaptive Run-time defense

Don’t just detect an attack - block it. Automatically pause containers you suspect to be compromised based on service, application, container, or network activity. All without per-pod instrumentation or code changes.

Full-stack forensics

Record pre- and post-attack activity through system calls with microsecond level granularity. Our forensics allow you inspect data outside of production, even if the containers are long gone. Easily recreate intrusions, data exfiltration events, or lateral movement so you can recover quickly and improve your defense posture.

Comprehensive Compliance

Detect run-time violations of external compliance requirements like CIS, PCI-DSS, GDPR, or enforce custom compliance controls. Leverage sysdig captures to record and store all data surrounding any violation for complete governance and risk management.

Key Features


Service-aware policies

Create a single policy based on application, container, host, or network activities that automatically applies to an entire service - even as containers move, grow or shrink.


Alerts & Actions

Pause or kill a container based on policy violations. Send alerts to Slack, Splunk, PagerDuty, and anywhere else with a webhook.


Event History

Reduce noise with an intelligent feed that aggregates events. Use service-aware contexts to switch from a host & container view to a Kubernetes or Docker service view.


Commands Audit

Examine every user command executed in a host or a container. Group, filter and search to quickly audit anomalous actions.


Incident Captures

Snapshot of 100% of activity pre-and-post policy violation. Examine everything - user actions, system calls, and data transferred - even after the containers are long gone.

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Run Anywhere

Sysdig gives you the deployment flexibility you need for public, private and hybrid clouds.

Cloud Computing


Use our software-as-a-service offering to simplify your operations and reduce your overhead. Add Sysdig agents to servers anywhere, and all data is stored in our service.


On-premise software

The preferred choice for enterprises with security or regulatory requirements around data. Deploy the Sysdig backend on your servers in your private cloud, AWS, or anywhere else.

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Better Together

Combine Sysdig Secure with Sysdig Monitor to get complete visibility and protection. With a single agent and consistent UIs, you’ll get more power without slowing down your team.

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