Enterprise Prometheus monitoring.

Scalable, multi-cluster, multi-cloud Prometheus monitoring for containers and Kubernetes

Why Sysdig Monitor for Prometheus?

Sysdig simplifies and scales Prometheus monitoring, providing a powerful platform to aggregate, query, and visualize your Prometheus metrics to understand app performance.

Check out Monitor's Prometheus features.

Prometheus metrics
Sysdig Monitor

Auto-collection of Prometheus metrics.

Auto-discover and auto-collect Prometheus metrics in your environment to simplify visualization, alerting and analysis for your custom application metrics.

Prometheus monitoring and Sysdig Monitor: A technical comparison.

Full Stack data analysis

Enterprise scale.

Full Stack Data Analysis

Keep pace with large, complex environments. Aggregate metrics from apps and exporters across clusters. Manage 10s of millions of time-series metrics per second with a single, horizontally scalable back end.

Sysdig and Prometheus for Enterprises

Prometheus scale

We can tell our developers to emit metrics with Prometheus. You won’t have to think about it. They’ll just show up in Sysdig.

prometheus metric correlation
Sysdig Monitor

Metric and event correlation.

Easily correlate Prometheus metrics with other metric types, events from orchestrators like Kubernetes and more to understand the big picture of what's happening in your infrastructure.

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Sysdig Monitor


Perform advanced metric queries and computation using the powerful open source Prometheus Query Language (PromQL).

Sysdig Monitor

Prometheus alerting.

Set alerts for Prometheus metrics and get automated notification of application issues across clusters, namespaces, containers, host or the entire environment. Send notifications to alerting systems like PagerDuty, Slack, and VictorOps. Even trigger system captures for offline troubleshooting.

Prometheus alert
Sysdig teams
Sysdig Monitor

Enterprise security.

Enable secure user authentication with industry standard protocols including LDAP, Google Oauth, SAML, and OpenID. Configure Sysdig Teams to isolate and secure resources with service-based access control.

Add Sysdig Secure for even more powerful capabilities including image scanning, run-time protection, and forensics.>

Supported via Prometheus.



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Grafana Sysdig dashboard

Do you love Grafana visualization?

Our Grafana plugin lets you view all of your Sysdig and Prometheus metrics in the open source Grafana visualization and dashboarding tool.

Simply connect Sysdig as a datasource and you're on your way to creating new metric panels and dashboards – or view your previously built Sysdig Monitor dashboards directly in Grafana!

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Experience Enterprise-grade Prometheus with Sysdig today!

Sysdig Monitor


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Sysdig Monitor

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