On-Demand Webinar

Less Spooky Containers with Top Security Best Practices

A well-crafted container avoids using excessive privileges, shipping unused packages, leaking credentials, and will expose a minimal attack surface. By removing known risks in advance, you’ll reduce security management and operational overhead; however, not everything can be known and prevented in advance. You cannot forget about security once the container is running.

Participants will leave this webinar with clear direction on how to:

  • Image build and apply Dockerfile best practices
  • Block security issues from reaching production
  • Avoid unnecessary privileges during execution
  • Reduce the attack surface and optimize size for distribution using multistage builds
  • Prevent confidential data leaks
  • Detect bad practices, misconfigurations or vulnerabilities using an image scanner
  • Go beyond image building to harden and protect containers at runtime
  • Manage threats and vulnerabilities


  • Alvaro Iradier, Product Analyst, Sysdig